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Fadi Al-Shami Guest on Heavenwood Album

Heavenwood is a Dark/Gothic Metal band formed in 1992 under the name Disgorged. HEAVENWOOD quickly established themselves as one of the most important Portuguese bands, alongside Moonspell. HEAVENWOOD signed to Massacre Records and has since released multiple albums and was the first Portuguese band EVER to play at Wacken Open Air. They will soon release an album titled “The Tarot of the Bohemians”.

“Hermit”, a track on the album, will feature Fadi Al-Shami. The vocal sessions for the song will be recorded at Haven Studio in Dubai by Hadi Sarieddine, the founder of Benevolent. Continue reading

SVENGALI & COAT OF ARMS collaborate on Linkin Park cover!

Do you remember the cold chills and the goosebumps on the back of your neck the first time you heard your first Metal song? Of course, how can anyone forget? Mainstream bands have been despised by the scene, but everyone must admit that, for a lot of us, they were our gateway to Metal. With their rise to fame in 2000, with their classic album “Hybrid Theory” and its commercial success, Linkin Park Continue reading

SVENGALI | Released A Live Video of “Sink or Swim” From “Theory of Mind” Album

Since their inception, the Dubai-based Metal band SVENGALI have released 3 records: a Demo Album in 2013, then Unscathed in 2014 (rating 9/10 in our review), and last but not least, “Theory Of Mind” released last March that you can listen to in full on YouTube. Continue reading

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