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Review | Summer Jam 2017

There’s no better way for me to start this off except by saying that Summer Jam 2017 was absolutely thrilling, with its amazing performances, entertaining performers, and professional management by Maggie Varbedian.

The night kicked off with an acoustic set performed by Generation Gap’s front man, Jovan Jabbour, and then proceeded with the rest of the band. They started off with an original of their own, called “Neithen”, followed by a few covers, and ended their set with Marilyn Manson’s crowd-pleasing track “Sweet Dreams”. Despite the fact that the band’s front man was suffering from minor vocal difficulties, they still delivered a kick-ass performance. Way to go guys!

Next in line was Maurice Semaan, who was the biggest reason behind this event. Maurice performed a total of four songs, one of which was a tribute to his fiancée, Maggie Varbedian. The crowd was seized by the melody and beauty of the song as it was absolutely heartwarming. Some of the guests said, and I quote “that was beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes”.

After that, for a night of memories was Nidal Ghannam, aka Nino, a talented guitarist who got everyone up on their feet, chanting as high as they could. His performance was a real switcheroo to what was expected by the Quadrangle guests! Nidal delivered a destructive performance and was admired by all the spectators (nicely done man).

And then there was Oussama Mash aka Ossy. His performance was not less than impressive and riveting. In between songs, Oussama dedicated a song to his wife in the audience, leaving her speechless. I personally noticed smiling throughout the whole song. The crowd gave it a thumbs up along with a headbang.

And last but never the least, it was time for Adnan Jabbado! Now this is a guy I’d pay to see, because he’s a musician, comedian, and crowd pleaser. He started off with the Game of Thrones theme song, saying in between that episode 4 has been leaked and started the show before he could get ambushed, followed by the all-time crowd seizer “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme song.

In conclusion, the event was flawless, all thanks to Maggie Varbedian’s excellent management and Maurice Semaan’s technical aide during this whole thing, co-founders of Sledgehammer Production (you guys rule!!!). A special thanks to the sound engineer for his spotless work, the sound system and night couldn’t have been any better.

– Tarek Sekkar

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Summer Jam 15| Event Review

A unique event, the first of its kind, gathering the best guitarists in Lebanon on one stage playing amazing originals and covers that mostly amazed the audience. A good number of people came, with an unusually high portion of the audience being artists, which showed the highly artistic concept of the event. Continue reading

Summer Jam 15

A new kind of event is in town!

Business ideas, hobbies, talents, they are out there for everyone. Many people have the same businesses like event agencies, or fashion shops, have the same hobby for example collecting stamps, and many are musicians who play the same instrument. These things may put them in the same field and make them competitors but they do not make them enemies. They can play together in that field and have fun. At the end of the day, each one of them has his own personality, style, preferences, and experiences.

SJ15This is where the idea that is “Summer Jam” came about. A group of musicians, albeit competitors in the field of music, friends, coming together for this one night to play music, have fun and entertain.

Music has always brought people together, and this time it is gathering some of the best musicians, all guitarists, in this unique event, which will happen once this year on August 8th at 9:30, at Quadrangle Hazmieh. Each one will be playing some original songs and some covers. The purpose is one and the same: making music.


  • Alain Ibrahim – Turbulence & Ostura
  • Richard Samia – April
  • Omara Khaddaj – Shadowalls
  • Ossy Mash – Rebellion
  • Bilal Wehbe
  • Maurice Semaan
  • Nareg Vassillian
  • Sevag Hadjian
  • Adnan Jabbado

We may all be competitors but we are all musicians. We can, despite our differences, still get along and make something beautiful. We are making our differences work for us not against us. That is how we can make anything beautiful for everyone. One for Music and music for all!

This event is covered by none other than Metal Bell Magazine. It is also supported by Metal Bell Magazine and Warsteiner beer (premium German beer since 1753).

  • Location: Quadrangle Hazmieh
  • Price: 20,000 LL including one beer
  • Date: August 8th 2015


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