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Summer Fusion 2016, Mocean Kaslik – August 27

Bands: 13 bands of various genres

Location: Mocean, Kaslik

Date: August 27, 2016 – Starting at 11:00 am, bands start at 02:30 pm

Tickets: 40,000L.L. (sold at the door)

Summer Fusion is an all-day beach concert that brings a unique blend of local talents together on a beachside stage.

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Rock InSight: The New Guys On The Block

We interview Jack Khamo, Within Destruction‘s drummer, and one of the founders of Rock InSight. Continue reading

Break the Cycle | Review

My excitement for RockRing’s “Break The Cycle” has been growing ever since I came across the event page on Facebook. I’ve already been to one of their events and it was simply amazing. It’s safe to say that Break the Cycle met my expectations.  Continue reading

Ink26 Interview

Ink26 is the combination of two old great bands that took a break from music for a while.

The lineup is:

  • Vocals: Kamal El-Khoueiry
  • Guitarist: Joe Abdel Sater
  • Guitarist: Jad Matta
  • Bass: Roy Naufal
  • Drums: Chris Michael

Antoine: Hello and welcome back! The local music scene has missed you. What were the reasons for the breakup of Blood Ink and Element 26?
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RockRing | Break the Cycle – Metro Al Madina, November 27

After the success of Summer Fusion, RockRing are back and with another unforgettable night.

Date & Time: 27 November 2015 – 7:30 P.M.

Venue: Metro Al-Madina, Hamra.

Entrance Fee: 20,000 LL.

Considering that there will be 6 Bands playing, this is a great deal!

Event Link

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RockRing Are Back! And 5 Reasons Not To Miss SUMMER FUSION 2015.

RockRing ARE BACK!

RockRing has organized over 30 concerts in 9 years, from 2002 to 2011. They have been on hiatus for the last few years, but are now back, and boy is this music to my ears! They’ve organized some of the biggest events that ever hit Lebanon, including HAIL!, Summer Fusion, Back to the Roots, Global Battle of the Bands, and Break the Cycle. It was founded by Roy Naufal, Maher Mardini, and Elie Salloum. They met at Cherry’s in 2006 and thought, let’s do a concert like old times, and that’s how RockRing officially came to be, starting with Back to the Roots.

They formed RockRing to create a staging ground for bands, and follow the motto (Musicians for Musicians) very seriously, as the only criteria for RockRing to notice you is that you be a musician. As Roy told Ashley’s Say, the venues of the Lebanese Scene consist of small pubs at one end (which are boring) and big festivals at the other end (which need connections).  RockRing aims to be a middle ground, giving all bands equal opportunities based on musicianship.


Summer Fusion 2015


The pillars behind RockRing took a break to expand their careers, and they have been on hiatus ever since. And in those 3.5 years, the metal scene in Lebanon has withered, ironically for the same reason for which RockRing was founded, and that there is no common platform connecting bands to help them grow, and that there is no way for the new younger bands to watch the older bands play and look up to them as events are few and far between.


This is why RockRing came back, and why they have now started RockRing Club which is a community trying to build the scene with activities and gatherings as a platform to unite Lebanese bands and help promote them and keep the creativity flowing. Another issue is the lack of communication between bands, an issue which RockRing Club aims to remedy.


Their upcoming events include Summer Fusion and Global Battle of the Bands! RockRing is the only license holder for the international GBOB competition in Lebanon, and the winning band represents Lebanon abroad and gets free recording sessions, cash prizes, and much more! GBOB Lebanon will be held on March 18, 2016.

Check out their website for more info, and if you are a band and wish to participate in any of their future events, don’t forget to submit your band.
Welcome back RockRing! We miss you.

There are many reasons not to miss Summer Fusion, here are some of the standouts:

  1. The incredible price! Today, most beaches are 40,000 or 45,000, and that’s it. Summer Fusion offers you the opportunity to swim at the esteemed Mocean Kaslik and watch 14 bands perform live well into the night; all for the incredible price of 45,000!!
  1. The 14 bands featured are some of Lebanon’s finest, whether it is up and coming Homesick, the established Bandage, humourous In Sanity Q, or Wacken Champs Blaakyum. The bands present will blow your minds for sure. And let’s not forget the reunion/merging of Blood Ink and Element 26 for the first time in forever!!!


  1. The clever way in which the bands were chosen, as you start off the day with Opera and soft rock, getting heavier and heavier as the night goes on. It truly is a fusion, and there’s a band for everyone!
  1. RockRing, the organization that brought you HAIL!, GBOB, Back to the Roots, Summer Fusion, etc. etc… are back! This is also the first full scale 100% local event we have had in a very long time.
  1. It’s August 28, the timing is perfect and not just for the weather, as this is the best way to say goodbye to the Summer before Universities and Schools start in September.

Editor’s Pick:

Summer Fusion 2015 | Lineup | Blaakyum!

Blaakyum is a veteran Lebanese Metal band, founded by Bassem Deaibess in 1995. The Lebanese Metal scene rose from the ashes of the civil war, and Blaakyum with it. 

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Summer Fusion 2015 | Lineup | Blood Ink / Element 26!

The biggest reveal this year, as two Mega-bands, Blood Ink and Element 26, merge into one band and perform for the first time in three years! The crowds will moshpit to the likes of Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, and even some originals.
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Summer Fusion 2015 | Lineup | April!

Your dream has come  true and you are watching Porcupine Tree live in Lebanon, head banging to Steven Wilson’s vocals… then you look up and realise you are watching the Lebanese Progressive band April! Continue reading

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