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Brian Johnson’s Complete Statement: “The Darkest Day of my Professional Life”

It was a shock to all Rock fans to learn about Brian Johnson’s “retirement” from AC/DC. The band released a statement that Brian is at risk of going deaf, and that this was why he decided to stop performing.
Later on, rumors (now confirmed) came out about Axl Rose filling in Johnson’s shoes . But still no word from the man himself about what happened.

Until now.

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Violent Peace Release Single and EP!

Boy, this was unexpected. Violent Peace have just released their single today, in conjunction with the release of their debut EP which is due later this afternoon, at 4pm on Monot street. Continue reading

The Bands: Roswell The Acoustic Show

In case you still haven’t heard, ROSWELL THE ACOUSTIC SHOW is tonight. The bands that will play are Roswell, Violent Peace, Grey Groove, yada yada yada…. you probably know all that. But who are they, really?


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Avo Demirdjian Live @ DEMCO STEEL!

Bands: Avo Demirdjian, Madinat

Location: Demco Steel, Dora seaside

Date: April 15th, 2016

Tickets (available at Virgin Ticketing Box Office):

  • 30,000L.L. including one drink
  • 45,000L.L. including one drink + Episode album

Doors open at 20:30

Createmotions presents Avo Demirdjian’s live concert on Friday April 15th at Demco Steel, Dora Seaside, Beirut.

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EPIC | Interview

Epic is a Lebanese Rock band formed in 2011, being one of the few Classic rock bands around here still carrying the flames of this epochal genre. Lilas Mayassi got the chance to meet up and have an interview with Tanya Rizkala, Epic’s front vocalist, regarding the  newly released album, “Like a Phoenix”.

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Alter Bridge V

A couple of days ago, Rock band Alter Bridge started teasing their fans.

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The Exbandables Reloaded, The Quadrangle – February 6

Bands: Chained Reaction, Insanity Q

Location: The Quadrangle Live, Hazmieh

Date: February 6, 2016 – 10:00 PM

Entrance fee: 15,000L.L. (including one beer)

After our last event’s postponement, it was clear that we lost a battle but not the WAR!
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Madinat | A New Band in Town

I make no secret of it. Dirty Enzyme were one of my favorite bands in the local scene, their music and ambience captivated me every time I saw them play, the 8-minute original Funkadelic being a personal favorite of mine (that song is trippy). Dirty Enzyme is, sadly, no more, and Madinat has taken its place. Continue reading

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