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CRESCENT Releases First Music Video For Pyramid Slaves

You might have heard of Crescent when they represented Egypt in Wacken Metal Battle 2014, to be the first Egyptian band to perform at the holy land. Crescent is a Blackened Death Metal band formed in 1999. Their main influence, obvious from their designs and wardrobe, is the mystical civilization of ancient Egypt.

Crescent have performed Pyramid Slaves for years. It was released in audio, play-through, and live forms on the band’s official YouTube page, gathering thousands of viewers on each video. But this time, they released their first music video ever.

The director, Hafez Kayali, didn’t use any unnecessary complicated effects in the video, but instead filmed a simple shooting. The video was shot at the Pyramids of Giza which were more than enough to give all the effects the song needed. Some parts were shot in a dark room to emphasize the darkness of the song. The video also featured the model Rawan Karem, who played a role of a woman standing in the desert. I couldn’t identify the character, but it seemed like she was an unreachable mystical goddess.

Below is the official music video of PYRAMID SLAVES by CRESCENT. Listen, and if you enjoyed the video, share and support your local scene.


Also, Crescent will be performing at the 3-day Romanian Rockstadt Extreme Fest – Indoor edition. Their performance will take place on the second day of the festival on October 22. Rockstadt will feature SAMAEL, ENSLAVED, NE OBLIVISCARIS, OCEANS OF SLUMBER, among many others. Crescent’s performance at Rockstadt will be their first in Romania. If you are in Romania, make sure not to miss them.

CRESCENT Music Video

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