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SVENGALI | To Perform 100% Metal Fest “Headbangers’ weekend” August 31 – Turkey

Svengali is a 2-year old Metal band from the U.A.E. After having succeeded in conquering the guts of the U.A.E Metalheads and extending their exposure to some Middle Eastern countries, the band decided to expand their quest and to have their first ever abroad show at Turkey’s 100% Metal Fest “Headbangers’ weekend”. Continue reading

As Heavy As 70,000 Tons Of Metal

It is always a thrill to attend Metal festivals, but to get up close and personal with living legends is another dimension of thrills, and this is what you will experience if you ever thought of attending the biggest Heavy Metal Cruise in the world. (Scroll Down For Photo Gallery)
Continue reading

SVENGALI | Released A Live Video of “Sink or Swim” From “Theory of Mind” Album

Since their inception, the Dubai-based Metal band SVENGALI have released 3 records: a Demo Album in 2013, then Unscathed in 2014 (rating 9/10 in our review), and last but not least, “Theory Of Mind” released last March that you can listen to in full on YouTube. Continue reading

News about IRON MAIDEN’s Upcoming Double Album Revealed!

Since December last year, IRON MAIDEN have been teasing fans about the new album. In November, drummer Nicko McBrain stated that the album will be finalized once Bruce is fully recovered.  Read full statement >here<. Continue reading

Metal Bell Magazine Presents QANTARA

It was quite a ride organizing Wacken Metal Battle in Lebanon: bumpy, full of obstacles, but fun. Well, you can say it was like an off-road trip, and we enjoyed every tiny bit of it. I hope you all enjoyed it as well.

During the decision-making phase of the event, Hussein Shehady and I were stumbled with the choice of the guest band; many names came across, but we have always had that hesitation about the right band for such an event. And then, Hussein suggested to me QANTARA, a band that never performed live. The idea of introducing a new talent to the scene, that no one knows anything about, with no social media presence at the time, and a really hush hush project, was really attractive to me. So I asked for demos that I got very shortly after, and I really liked the music and their professionalism in work. After a few days of thinking the whole thing over, I started the campaign and posted 2 videos in order to promote their participation in the Battle event: For The First Time… & QANTARA – LIVE FOR THE FIRST TIME – TEASER 1. I always had this inner fear: “what if they didn’t pull off a good show!” To be honest, it was really risky to have a band that never performed live before as a special guest at our very first event. But truth be told, there are very few bands that can leave a strong impression on a crowd after their first performance . QANTARA did not only leave a good impression, they also made people headbang hard on songs they never heard before, from a band that they never knew existed. They then succeeded in building an instant small fan base and gained tons of positive reviews.

Check out this summary video of their “First Time Ever” performance during the Lebanese Metal Battle event below and leave your thoughts in the comment box.

Qantara will be performing on July 11, 2015 at Metal Bell Magazine’s event NEW BLOOD.

New Blood Metro event cover 20 test

KIMAERA to perform at Noise-Fest Tunisia

The non-profit organization Noise FM is organizing NOISE FEST, an artistic event that will take place on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of August 2015 at Golf Yassmine Hammamet in Tunisia. Continue reading

JAY WUD | Breaking The Barriers With First Shows In Los Angeles

The Lebanese guitar virtuoso based in Dubai has broken yet another barrier in his career, after he released his new single LOW with an amazing animated music video, making it one of his most successful singles to date. Jay will be having 2 shows in the city of angels Los Angeles at the Viper Room on April 24th and at Global Rock Summit on April 25th. Continue reading

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