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Halestorm • Elysée Montmartre • Paris

BASE Production Presents:

Après leur dernier passage à Pleyel en 2019, un report de concert suite à la pandémie, HALESTORM revient enfin à Paris pour un concert le Vendredi 25 Février 2022 à l’Elysée Montmartre !
Ouverture de la billetterie : Vendredi 18 Juin 2021.

The Ocean, Hypno5e, pg.Lost, Psychonaut // Paris

☣ La crise sanitaire ne permet pas le maintien de la tournée aux dates prévues. Le concert est de nouveau reporté, rendez vous le 24.01.2022 à la Machine
🎫 LES TICKETS ACHETÉS RESTENT VALABLES, nous vous encourageons donc à les conserver – si néanmoins vous n’êtes pas disponibles à la nouvelle date un remboursement est possible dans votre point de vente jusqu’au 30.09.2021
🤝 Vous désirez apporter votre soutien ? Faites tourner l’info concernant la nouvelle date et réservez vos préventes ➡ bit.ly/TheOcean_digi
Garmonbozia Inc., en accord avec NMC Live, présente :
🎤 🥁 🎸
□ THE OCEAN (post metal progressif)
□ HYPNO5E (experimental)
□ PG.LOST (post rock)
□ PSYCHONAUT (post metal)
📝 lundi 24.01.2022 – Paris, La Machine du Moulin Rouge
[ concert initialement prévu le 09.01.2021, puis le 04.06.2021 – les tickets restent valables]
🎟 -chers+jolis // 26€ // bientôt disponibles
□ Envois postaux : billetterie@garmonbozia-inc.com
□ Paris : Rock’n Roll Voltage (+0.5€/ticket)
🎫 billetteries // à partir de 27.6€
□ digitick bit.ly/TheOcean_digi
□ fnac bit.ly/TheOcean_fnac
□ ticketmaster bit.ly/TheOcean_tm
🔞 info Machine du Moulin Rouge – Les mineurs de moins de 16 ans doivent être obligatoirement accompagnés de leur parent ou tuteur légal. Pour les mineurs de 16 à 18 ans, l’accès est autorisé sur présentation d’une autorisation parentale (à récupérer sur www.lamachinedumoulinrouge.com )
■ Garmonbozia Inc. 🦎👑 ■
🎤 bit.ly/Garmon-events
📨 bit.ly/Garmon-news

Sepultura, Sacred Reich, Crowbar // Paris

Garmonbozia Inc., en accord avec Cobra Agency, présente :
🎤 🥁 🎸
□ SEPULTURA (thrash)
□ SACRED REICH (thrash)
□ CROWBAR (sludge)
📝 Dimanche 21.11.2021 – Paris, La Machine du Moulin Rouge
🎟 -chers+jolis // 32€ // bientôt disponibles
□ Envois postaux : billetterie@garmonbozia-inc.com
□ Paris : Rock’n Roll Voltage (+0.5€/ticket)
🎫 billetteries // à partir de 33.8€ // en vente mercredi 16.12 à 10h
□ digitick bit.ly/Sepultura_digi
□ fnac bit.ly/Sepultura_fnac
□ ticketmaster bit.ly/Sepultura_tm
🔞 info Machine du Moulin Rouge – Les mineurs de moins de 16 ans doivent être obligatoirement accompagnés de leur parent ou tuteur légal. Pour les mineurs de 16 à 18 ans, l’accès est autorisé sur présentation d’une autorisation parentale (à récupérer sur www.lamachinedumoulinrouge.com )
■ Garmonbozia Inc. 🦎👑 ■
🎤 bit.ly/Garmon-events
📨 bit.ly/Garmon-news

Leprous • Elysée Montmartre – Paris

Base Productions présente:
Leprous en concert le Dimanche 05 décembre 2021 à l’Elysée Montmartre – Paris.
Supports : Wheel + Aiming For Enrike
Si tu penses savoir à quoi t’attendre du groupe Leprous, c’est que tu es sur le point d’être chamboulé. Parce que Pitfalls, le sixième album studio de la formation norvégienne n’a rien à voir avec ce qui a été fait auparavant.
Personne n’aurait pu anticiper cette nouvelle direction artistique. Le chanteur/clavieriste explique que ce tournant va permettre à tout un chacun de se refaire une opinion du groupe, qui a sorti 5 albums depuis ses débuts en 2001.
C’est sans doute le plus grand virage musical que Leprous ait pris. Cet album ne peut en aucun cas décrit comme un disque de Métal, mais les musiciens ont réussi à faire sortir de leurs instruments un nouveau son, qui les classe complètement à part. Leprous n’a jamais prêté attention aux genres musicaux en général, jouant la musique qui leur plaisait, laissant les autres mettre des étiquettes.
Pitfall est l’album le plus personnel du groupe.

Metal Bell 6th Anniversary

We will be celebrating our anniversary for 6 years of serving the Local Rock & Metal Scene on 15 of DECEMBER!

On December 15th of the year 2018, Local Bands and fans will celebrate Metal Bell’s 6th anniversary in Beirut – Lebanon!

VENUE: Metro Al Madina

Metal Bell 6th Anniversary Bands:

– Avelyntale
Sound Of DeGeneration
– Gorilla Warfare

Pre-Sale Tickets: 25,000 L.L.
Door Tickets: 30,000 L.L.

Metal Bell 6th Anniversary

About Metal Bell:

Starting off in Lebanon as a Lebanese Rock & Metal Magazine, Metal Bell grew faster and bigger than expected and today we have become a major Rock & Metal media, not only in Lebanon, but also in the Middle East.

6 years ago, on December 12th in the year 2012, Metal Bell Magazine released its pilot issue (Issue 0) as a “test drive” to see the reaction of the local Lebanese scene. [www.metal-bell.com/themagazine]

The magazine was received with cheers from everyone in the scene, including the biggest names, who sent or posted about the project, including local mainstream media who were curious about the whole idea.

Today the Metal Bell team are proud to have contributed, even if a little, in making the scene grow. From small events of 70-80 attendees to what we have achieved today, of events with couple of hundreds of metal fans and international bands.

We Will Remain Committed To

Special thanks to D-Vision Prods for the designs and videos.

Organized by: SledgeHammer Productions

Check Out Other Events Here.

To add your event to our website kindly CONTACT US.

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GALLERY | Winter METAL SLAM March 11, 2017


DATE: Saturday March 11, 2017
LOCATION: Metro Al-Madina
ORGANIZER: Metal Bell Magazine

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GALLERY | Metal Gathering February 11, 2017


DATE: Saturday February 11, 2017
LOCATION: Metro Al-Madina
ORGANISER: Metal Bell Magazine

Sponsors & Supporters:
Instruments Garage | Rock Insight Organisation | Better’fly | GM Music Entertainment | Drum Workshop Inc. (DW Drums) | Meinl Cymbals | Metality | LebMetal.com

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VOICE OF THE SOUL Part Ways With Rudy Fares, New Drummer Announced

After merely 2 years, VOICE OF THE SOUL part ways with drummer Rudy Fares. The band was formed in 2007 by Kareem Chehayeb and Monish Shringi in Kuwait. The band has released 3 EPs: ‘Winds of Apprehension’ in July 2009, ‘Eyes of Deceit’ in 2010, and the internationally acclaimed ‘Into Oblivion’.

In April 2014, VOICE OF THE SOUL recorded their full-length album, “Catacombs” (Read Review in Issue 6 – Page 26). And later in June of that year, Rudy Fares joined the band and performed with them a handful of shows between Dubai and Lebanon.

The band announced the departure of Rudy in the below statement:

Rudy has decided to leave Voice of the Soul. We want to thank him for all his contributions these past few years. We look forward to see him continuing to slay behind the drums in other projects! We will announce our fill-in drummer for our upcoming Beirut show tomorrow.

The next day, VOICE OF THE SOUL posted the below video announcing the drummer that will fill in for Rudy during Metal Bell Magazine’s METAL GATHERING event: Bosphorus Cymbals artist Bachir Ramadan.

LAMBAJAIN | First Gig First Review

Last week, I had the privilege of attending LAMBAJAIN‘s incredible gig at Yukunkun, and it was on spot.

The gig debuted with the talented Perla Moujabber whose captivating voice was striking as she performed “Medicine” by Daughter, and another song by Damien Rice. I personally think that she could’ve come up with a better set list (something experimental for examLambajain Live   ple would be a better opener), but what she did perform, she did a great job singing it.

The band started with “First Breath After Coma” by Explosions in the Sky, and they traumatized us with the enigmatic heaviness. I had a hard time writing this review probably because I was listening to EITS, and you know the amount of mixed feelings you get while doing that, but this is not about me, this is about Andrew, Andre, Charbel, Rami, Joe, Ramela, and Elite who perfected a richly textured selection of some of the greatest post-rock pieces. You could easily tell from their first song that you were in for a great show, whether it was the stunning soundscapes, the balance between darkness/terror and light/bliss, the weeping crescendos or even the combination of all the mentioned aspects. Let’s not forget to mention the stunning visuals, the cool part is that no matter how hypnotizing they got at some points, you’d still manage to capture the ambiance of the music, simply because it was that great .


Technically speaking, you can clearly notice the effort these guys put in their work for they sounded very harmonious when it comes to transitions, and they proved that in their covers of songs that tended to build up slowly and then erupt into an ensemble of chaotic distortions and fast-paced drums, here I must add that the drummer was top notch (He’s not a permanent member of the band though). Ramela is a brilliant violinist, she’d effortlessly approach her section and then add this “warmness” to the atmosphere, together with Joe’s well-structured synth tunes, the sound was very cinematic . As for the guitarists, Andre, Rami, and, Andrew showcased a spectacular orchestration.

Lambajain_Yukunkun (3)The sound quality was very decent and the band had little/no technical difficulties. I, for example, prefer the sound at Yukunkun to a number of other venues, the cinematic vibe was obviously there which is just an evidence of the sound’s fairness. The trio managed to preserve (not replicate, because what they did was beyond just copying the same loops and effects…) all the soundscapes and the professional ambiance of all the covers, especially the mashups between EITS and Mogwai, my favorite was the “Yasmin/ Fear Satan” blend. This, alongside the original piece, was the highlight of their performance. The crafting of sound on the original is a work of highly professional songwriters. Andrew’s lead guitar sound was multi-layered in both the swift build-ups and the bittersweet climaxes, Rami’s trademark sound was very impressive in his innovative approach of blasting some great sound effects by using chopsticks to play guitar (He’s the experimental sound guy obviously), and Andre’s gorgeous string lines were a perfect compliment to this festival of notes. As for bass, Charbel added a solid harmony to magnify the “head-nodding to head-banging” atmosphere.

“Music is bigger than words and wider than pictures.” Mogwai. This is precisely the feeling Lambajain promoted in their gig.

Lambajain_Yukunkun (4)


Cookie Shemaly.

Read More By: Cookie Shemaly.

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Photos by: Shadi Rebahi and his crew from “Cosmic Entertainment Crew“.
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OBITUARY surprise guest at Florida Metal Fest

As we were on our trip to cover 70 000 Tons of Metal for the third time in a row, we knew that there will be a Metal concert in Florida: the first annual Florida Metal Fest at The Cuban Club in Ybor City in Tampa, this past Saturday, January 30, so we decided at the last minute to attend. The Headliners were none other than Florida’s Death Metal giants OBITUARY, but during the show we were shocked and surprised at the same time when they announced a very special and unpredictable guest, A Metal God: JON OLIVA, the SAVATAGE Legend (who is currently performing with his new band Jon Oliva’s Pain. So we couldn’t help but take the camera and capture few pictures for this historical moment. Continue reading

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