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Ghost: Meliora – Album Review

Ghost is this really strange band that hides behind masks and no one (except for the record company and managers) knows who the members are. But who cares anyway, this has only added more mysteriousness and probably more interest in this band that has risen into mainstream success (?) in a matter of 5 years since the release of its debut album titled “Opus Eponymous”, and the band rode a speeding train to mainstream with its second album “Infestissumam” which was a follow-up success, although it showed a huge shift in musical direction from the previous album.

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Look Ma’ More Ghost Singles

At times like these, all I can wonder is whether Ghost will release their entire upcoming album “Meliora” as singles.

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Here’s A Handful of Ghost News

Ghosts have had a lot of things going over the past few weeks. Continue reading

Ghost B.C. Announces Meliora + Cirice (Video)

Ghost B.C.’s new album titled Meliora is to be released on August 21st.

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