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Beirut Metal Fest 2018

Beirut Metal Fest 2018

This year’s edition of Beirut Metal Fest will take place on September 7th and 8th! As promised before, this will be a two days festival, with 2 of biggest Metal bands in the world headlining, plus some of the finest Lebanese and Regional bands.


Sound Of DeGeneration
Voice of the Soul


Early Bird Tickets for 70$ (Full Festival Ticket)
Available at all Librairie Antoine Branches or online at the following link: https://goo.gl/vU9X4p

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Syria’s Brutal Throne II REVIEW

Brutal Throne II REVIEW!

Event Description: Brutal Death Metal Concert by Maysaloon Band, Damascus, Syria.

Date: 23/11/2017.

Place: Mustapha Ali Gallery, Al Amin Street, Old City of Damascus.

Band: Maysaloon is a Syrian Metal Band, from Damascus city, founded in 2015, and released one album and three singles. Continue reading

Brutal Throne II : Maysaloon Live in Damascus

Event Description: Brutal Throne II : Maysaloon Live in Damascus

Brutal Throne II : Maysaloon Live in Damascus

The Syrian Metal Alliance Proudly Presents Maysaloon Live in Damascus at “Al Kamalaz Cave” In Front Of Gallary Mustafa Ali – (Bab Sharqi)

Maysaloon Will Be Performing Their Debut LP “The Forgotten Dawn” For The First Time in Syria, Plus Songs For Bands Like : Septic Flesh, Obscura, Behemoth, Necrophagist, Decapitated and More…

Entrance Fee (Ticket) : 1500 S.P
Starts at 5 P.M, Ends at 8 P.M

Powered By : Colossal Force Records
Media Sponsor : Metal is My Addiction \M/, The Syrian Metal Scene
Prepare to fully experience a true Metal atmosphere.
P.S: Mosh Pits are Allowed \m/
See You There Fellas !

Brutal Throne II

Maysaloon – The Forgotten Dawn Out April 11

The Syrian Metal Scene is alive in many forms from under the rubble of the devastating civil war that has been tearing apart the country for many years now.

The Syrian people are known throughout history to be great warriors, and they are fighting against all odds to make their hard situation a better one through art and music. Among these warriors is a new generation of great Metal heads who are turning their pain into heavy aggressive riffs of darkness. One of these bands is a great new aspiring band, Maysaloon, who will be releasing their debut LP on April 11th, 2017.

So who are Maysaloon?

Maysaloon is a Syrian Technical/Melodic, Oriental Death Metal Band, founded by Jake Shuker in late 2015, after playing a live concert in Damascus.

Maysaloon members consist of Jake Shuker: Guitar/ Vocals, Yousef Yaziji: Guitar, Dio Al-Miqdad: Bass.

Eight months ago, the band started recording their first ever LP called “The Forgotten Dawn”. The recording took place at Jake’s home with minimal equipment due to the hard accessibility and lack of financial support caused by the civil war.
The EP’s official teaser was released on Monday 6/3/2017 (Watch video below) and contains 8 tracks:

  1. Lama Bada Yatathana (Intro)
  2. The First Believer – Al Namroud
  3. The Horrid Homage
  4. Seals of Astarte
  5. Seeds of Sanity
  6. Tanit Demands Her Due
  7. Hatred and Pain Will Always Remain
  8. The Forgotten Dawn (Instrumental)
  9. Pull The Plug (Death Cover)


The band is successful regardless of the war going on in their county, for they are trying their best to continue the thing they love and making Syria proud.
Maysaloon’s music was influenced by a lot of bands such as Death, Obscura, Dark Tranquillity, and ancient Mesopotamian music.
Their lyrical themes are also about Ancient Civilizations, wars, and philosophy, which apply in today’s world. The lyrics of the album were written by Waddah Al Tawil, expect for “Seeds of Sanity” which was written by Jake and “Hatred and Pain Will Always Remain” by Dio Al Miqdad.

The awesome album art was designed by Syrian artist Trident Abd.
You can go ahead and enjoy the song in the video below.

Interview with Onslaught

An Interview With Onslaught

It was a very exciting moment when, during last September's THRASH MERCENARIES TOUR, we contacted Blaakyum, who were part of ...

– Roy Sassine

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