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Jimmy Page Plans His Return in 2016

Rock legend Jimmy Page is planning to bring us some new tunes by 2016.

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TOOL Dress Up as LED ZEPPELIN For Halloween!

*Sigh* What else can we expect from the notorious TOOL?

First, they keep us waiting 9 years for an album (talk about playing hard to get), then they hi-jack U2‘s album for record store day, they diss their fans, and now this. I mean seriously, now this!!!

Went as Rupert Plant of Fred Zepplin last night.

A photo posted by Puscifer & Caduceus (@puscifer) on

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METAL MADNESS – Quadrangle, August 18

Location: The Quadrangle – Hazmieh

Date:  August 18, 2015

Tickets: 15,000 L.L. + 1 Beer

From Heaven to Hell, METAL MADNESS.

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