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Bahrain’s Halloween Rock Fest

Rock/Metal fans in Bahrain are given a treat this Halloween! They can enjoy a free event on the 31st of October at Diggers pub, featuring 4 local bands: Smouldering In Forgotten (Death/Black Metal), Motor Militia (Thrash Metal),  and a newly formed band Death Box Audio. It’s a night you do not want to miss!

Time: 8:00 PM.
Location: Delmon Hotel: Bahrain’s premier elite heritage-touch 4 star hotel

Event Details:
Rock/Metal fans in Bahrain: we got a treat for you on Halloween night Oct 31 at Diggers Pub: 4 Bands – FREE Admission! Skip the same old boring, formulaic events and head to Diggers for an intimate gathering of live music and heavy metal fans.
Featuring local favorites:

Smouldering In Forgotten:
Formed in 2005, Smouldering In Forgotten is Bahrain’s most explosive extreme metal act. The band’s aggressive and atmospheric sound is inspired by a range of influences including black/death metal, thrash, and also ethnic Arabian music. SIF’s dynamic live performances have delighted audiences across the Arabian Gulf States. Check out their new single ‘Siren Of Truth’.

Motor Militia:
Formed in 2001, Motör Militia is one of Bahrain’s premier heavy metal bands. They are one of the first Thrash Metal bands to record and release an album of original material on an independent record label. The band are currently working on the follow up to their 2011 album ‘Cloaked In Darkness.’ Expect to hear exciting new material performed by a rejuvenated lineup!

Death Box Audio:
Death Box Audio are a newly formed band made up of veterans of the Bahrain rock/metal scene. The band features current and former members of: Lunacyst, Black Lime, and Machine Gun Geezer. They promise to bring a fresh sound for you guys to check out. Don’t miss their live debut!

…and if all that isn’t enough, Diggers house band will also play a set at the end of the night! Support the local scene and don’t miss a great night! No excuses!

Be there at 8:00 PM. The bar is waiting for you.

Sponsored by:
Distorted Studios
Delmon Hotel: Bahrain’s premier elite heritage-touch 4 star hotel.

This event is 18+


-Lilas Mayassi

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