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From the moment we arrived to the middle of nowhere, sarcastically, it felt like Home.

Nature embraced the scene and good music took refuge in the arms of holy mother nature. The good scenery, alongside the smells of fresh air and great beer, was the perfect place to be.

And the event’s “venue” couldn’t have gotten more punk. From the anti-ohm signs that directly alerted the hippies that this was no psychedelic ground to the DIY venue.

The river and its side were great and the tents of fellow camping metalheads were scattered all around it.
Soon afterwards, a fire was built and the animal-tolerant BBQ began. And we feasted amongst nature’s crowned lands. And it felt just right.
And finally, once the moon was lighting the skies and the soundcheck was over, it was time for the valley to acknowledge the great music presented by the bands.


Photo credit to: Selfish Gene

DIY started the concert with their well-known punk music setting the mood for great hardcore music. The headbanging began and the moshpits scattered all around right in the middle of the valley as no one was safe from the moshing! Covering a lot of ground from new originals to classic known covers such as Bite It You Scum and the event’s theme song ECSTASY KILLED THE ANARCHY.

Next were Black Leather, a new band with an old sound. The newcomers directly shifted the crowd from great hardcore music to good ol’ Rock N’ Roll. They went from a groove that introduced the crowd to the band, ending it with the awesome HighWay Demon. The band took us back in time to the magnificent rock music of the 80s.

Last but not least, came the almighty thrashers Agressor. The headbanging was back more than ever and the moshpits were nonstop. Starting it with their usual Willfully Blind, transferring the crowd back to old school thrash metal. And as a finale, the performance was ended with my all-time favorite TOXIC KARABALAA, leading to the formation of one of the most brutal moshpits I’ve been in.

Once the clock hit 12, the concert was done, but the night was still young, for we gathered around the fire playing unplugged guitar and warming our bodies with good Scottish fuel.

A new day welcomed us by the rising of the sun, and we fueled our bodies once again as we set to leave.
This event was worked hard upon and I’d like to raise a toast for the awesome men that helped make it happen.

Rock on \m/

Check out original event link >here<.


All photos are credited to Selfish Gene and Reema Harfouch


-Mohamad Yateem

Ecstasy Killed The Anarchy Baysour Valley


In the midst of all the endless hippie psychedelic electronic trend and countless events, it’s time to take some real instruments into the woods. A long-awaited, 24-hour camping festival, of rock n’ roll, metal, and punk, as well as an open jam night after 12 for everyone to join and commune in some music around the campfire. Ecstasy Killed The Anarchy Baysour Valley!

This is an anti-drug, animal liberation, instrument awareness event that includes five bands, two of which have never been heard of before.

The festival will be held in Baysour Valley in Mount Lebanon, about 30 minutes away from Beirut.

Entrance is 20$ and includes a beer and vegan barbecue all day. Bring your tents and swimsuits, because it’s the best place to camp or just stay up all night with the bands and all the attendees. For the first time ever, the gig will also be the after party and everyone is invited! And we’ll all cool down in the freezing river after!
Distemper – The first crust punk band in Lebanon, with thrash elements and topics of social issues and animal liberation with a sound that’ll crush skulls and set fire to the night, Animal Liberation, Human Annihilation!


Agressor – This band is far beyond what you might think, emitting a sound that never existed prior to this band. More evil, faster, more aggressive, and denser than you can imagine. Influenced by many bands from all genres, all eras, leaving no rhythm unused. Don’t come near these guys! No joke.

D.I.Y. – is a bad-ass band playing a harsh sound and is the only punk/hardcore band around the fucking Middle East. The band also plays covers for old local bands like Detox, Nightchains, Gamblers….. If you’ve never heard or seen these bands before, kill yourself.

Thrashstorm – This thrash band is maybe the oldest decent still playing band in Lebanon. These guys play a remarkable d-beat thrash that would suck you right away into a moshpit of friendly fire. Very nice guys too.

Black Leather – Rock n’ Roll is alive and in a way you’ve never heard before. A mix of every bad-ass sound you crave. Formed by the roots of these Lebanese bands: Eruption, D.I.Y and Agressor, squeezed together with some spices to deliver a sound that defines its title. From Stoner Doom to Speed n’ Punk, from Drunken Blues to Heavy Psy. Black Leather is here to kick your Ass!

P.S.: You can come as early as 12pm on Saturday and if you can’t make it overnight, we have organized a bus after the show to take you back to civilization.

Ecstasy Killed The Anarchy Baysour Valley

Ecstasy Killed The Anarchy Baysour ValleyCheck Out Our Event Review >here<

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