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What “In The Name of God” Was That?

Progressive metal band Turbulence are covering yet another Dream Theater track, from Dream Theater’s 2003 release, “Train of Thought”. Previously the band posted a cover for Moment of Betrayal only two weeks after Dream Theater released the single from their latest album The Astonishing.

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Turbulence Covers Moment of Betrayal

Only two weeks after Dream Theater released their second single “Moments of Betrayal” from their upcoming album “The Astonishing”, Lebanon’s Progressive band Turbulence released a cover of the single.

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Jay Wud Pays Tribute to David Bowie

Following the death of the iconic David Bowie, several tributes have been released to honor the death of a person who influenced a generation of musicians who left their mark on the world. And a Jay Wud cover was expected, especially that Jay has always expressed his love to David Bowie and even shared the latest song that was released 4 days before his death, calling him a “Legend”. Read below our article about Jay’s cover and enjoy it \\m//

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SVENGALI & COAT OF ARMS collaborate on Linkin Park cover!

Do you remember the cold chills and the goosebumps on the back of your neck the first time you heard your first Metal song? Of course, how can anyone forget? Mainstream bands have been despised by the scene, but everyone must admit that, for a lot of us, they were our gateway to Metal. With their rise to fame in 2000, with their classic album “Hybrid Theory” and its commercial success, Linkin Park Continue reading

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