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Alice Cooper · Ol’ Black Eyes Is Back Tour . Paris

Gérard Drouot Productions

Alice Cooper est de retour à Paris pour sa tournée “La tournée Ol Eyes Black Back” à La Seine Musicale

✩ Invité spécial : Black Stone Cherry

Le rock en général, le métal, le glam sans oublier le gothique en particulier lui doivent beaucoup. Après des concerts complets en 2017 à Paris et Lyon, le maître incontesté du shock rock Alice Cooper est de retour en 2019 pour trois dates exceptionnelles : le 03/09 au Dôme de Marseille, le 05/09 à l’Arkéa Arena de Bordeaux et le 20/09 à La Seine Musicale.




Garmonbozia Inc. Presents: Neal Morse Band // Paris, Alhambra



Garmonbozia Inc., en accord avec Hexagon Booking Agency, présente :

🎤 🥁 🎸

📝 Lundi 25.03.2019 – ALHAMBRA Paris

🎟 -chers+jolis // 36€ // bientôt disponibles
□ Envois postaux : billetterie@garmonbozia-inc.com
□ Paris : Rock’n Roll Voltage (+0.5€/ticket)

🎫 billetteries // 39.6€
□ digitick bit.ly/NealMorse-digi
□ fnac bit.ly/NealMorse-fnac
□ ticketmaster bit.ly/NealMorse-tm

Garmonbozia Inc.🦎👑 ■
🎤 bit.ly/Garmon-events
📨 bit.ly/Garmon-news

Uli Jon Roth “50th stage anniversary” Paris @ Le Trabendo



Garmonbozia Inc., en accord avec Dragon Productions, présente :

🎤 🥁 🎸
□ ULI JON ROTH (guitar legend)

📝 Jeudi 20.12.2018 – Paris, Trabendo
“50th STAGE ANNIVERSARY” – Uli will perform classic Scorpions, Electric Sun et Sky Of Avalon songs
► date unique en France ◄

🎟 -chers+jolis // 30€
□ Envois postaux : billetterie@garmonbozia-inc.com
□ Paris : Rock’n Roll Voltage (+0.5€/ticket)

🎫 billetteries // 33€
□ fnac bit.ly/Uli-fnac
□ digitick bit.ly/UliJonRoth-digi
□ ticketmaster bit.ly/UliJonRoth-tm

Garmonbozia Inc.🦎👑 ■
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Storm Blast Vol 1 | The Triumph Of Steel

Welcome to the first OPEN AIR METAL FEST in Doha! This will be a wild night featuring four amazing bands covering the biggest anthems known in the world of heavy metal! Get ready for hours of synergy and singing along to your favorite tunes and a spectacular show unseen before in this wonderful city!

Storm Blast Vol 1 | The Triumph Of Steel Featuring

Awkward Privacy

Doors open:  7:00 PM

Dress Code : Metal outfit 🤘🏼

Entrance fees: 100 QR including one beverage

Religious attire is not allowed at the venue as per the Qatari rules

No reservations policy, it’s first come first serve

21+ QID or Passport required



By entering the premises of STORM BLAST, you understand that you may be photographed, filmed or videotaped and you hereby give the STORM AST team the unqualified right to take pictures and/or recordings and grant the perpetual right to use your likeness, image, photo (collectively “image”), without compensation, for broadcast or exhibition in any medium, and to put the finished pictures/recordings to any legitimate use without limitation or reservation. You hereby waive, release, and forever discharge STORM BLAST from and against any and all claims or actions arising out of or resulting from any use of your image.
STORM BLAST shall not be obliged to use, and may elect not to use, your image.

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Omnium Gatherum, Wolfheart, Nothgard // Paris


Garmonbozia Inc., en accord avec Dragon Productions, présente :

🎤 🥁 🎸
□ OMNIUM GATHERUM (melo-death)
□ WOLFHEART (melo-death)
□ NOTHGARD (melo-death)

📝 Lundi 19.11.2018 – Paris, Petit Bain

🕖 ouverture 19.00 , Nothgard 19.30 , Wolfheart 20.20, Omnium Gatherum 21.30

🎟 -chers+jolis // 23€
□ Envois postaux : billetterie@garmonbozia-inc.com
□ Paris : Rock’n Roll Voltage (+0.5€/ticket)

🎫 billetteries // 25.3€
□ fnac bit.ly/Omnium-2018-fnac
□ digitick bit.ly/Omnium-2018-digi
□ ticketmaster bit.ly/Omnium-2018-tm

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Sirenia – Triosphere – Mind Whispers • La Boule Noire • Paris


Les maitres du Nordic Metal sont de retour sur les scènes d’Europe !
Dès novembre, Sirenia • Le Ferrailleur • Nantes jouera sa musique épique et mélancolique mais aussi leurs sons heavy metal en France !
Lors de cette tournée, Sirenia jouera des titres de son tout nouvel album intitulé Arcane Astral Aeons, qui sortira fin octobre 2018.

1ères parties : Triosphere + MIND WHISPERS Official

Garmonbozia Inc. presents: Kamelot with guest Leaves’ Eyes @ Paris, Elysée Montmartre



Garmonbozia Inc., en accord avec RTN Touring, présente :

[ 🎤 groupes ] □ KAMELOT (power) www.kamelot.com
□ LEAVES’ EYES (symphonic metal) www.leaveseyes.com

[ 📝 où et quand ] samedi 15.09.2018 @ Paris – Elysée Montmartre

[ 🎁 tickets -chers+jolis] 32€ //
□ envois postaux : billetterie@garmonbozia-inc.com
□ Paris : Rock’n Roll Voltage (+0.5€/ticket)

[ 🎫 billetteries ] 35.2€ //
□ fnac bit.ly/Kamelot-fnac
□ digitick bit.ly/Kamelot-digi
□ élysée montmartre bit.ly/Kamelot-EM
□ ticketmaster bit.ly/Kamelot-tm

■ Garmonbozia Inc. ■
🎤 bit.ly/Garmon-events
📨 bit.ly/Garmon-news



That One Night IV REVIEW

In the midst of all the hype of the international bands set to tread Lebanon, it is important to remember to support the local metal scene. And as it usually goes, Rock InSight has organized yet another event dedicated to supporting home territory, That One Night IV.

While the original lineup consisted of Nocturna, Hatecrowned, Apathia, and FreeFall, Nocturna had to apologize due to a car collision that guitarist Michel Kammouj was a part of. But fortunately they were directly replaced by DeathTone.

Starting off the event were FreeFall, a unique band in the event due to their clean vocals and relatively newer type of metal. With covers ranging from Killswitch Engage’s rendition of Holy Diver to Bullet For My Valentine, Metallica and Ozzy. The vocals were very well executed and the performance was relatively tight other than a couple of mistakes here and there.

Up next were Tripoli-based Groove Metallers Apathia. Announcing this was their last performance together, the band shook the crowd with covers of Lamb Of God, Sepultura and many more. Apathia’s final show was emotional as they featured for the last time as well their first vocalist as a guest. Unfortunately, their show didn’t pass without problems, as the rhythm guitarist broke a string mid song and had to switch guitars. Nevertheless the moshing and headbanging didn’t stop!

As Black Metal band HateCrowned stepped the stage, it was clear that the mood got darker. Kicking off the show with Mayhem’s Freezing Moon, the performance was reasonably flawless with a couple of minor mistakes. The vocals were hauntingly screeching and instrumentally the sound was creepy. Everything you’d expect from a Black Metal band.

Ending the show were Melodic Death Metal band DeathTone. However, the vocalist and lead guitarist dislocated his shoulder and there was a bit of delay. But the delay was worth it as DeathTone put on the finest performance of the evening with everything from originals to Children Of Bodom Covers. The vocalist and main axeman was highly energetic and his shredding was spot on. This performance also included the first Wall Of Death of the night, consisting only of females due to the band’s request. Prominence guitarist Matt also participated on a couple of songs.

The entire show was hosted by the highly sarcastic Charbel Haddad of Eden. And many prizes were announced varying from Beirut Metal Fest tickets to free tattoos from Saturn Tattoo shop. The sound and lights were great with no major issues. The only problem with the venue (Metro Al-Madina) is the lack of space for moshpits, otherwise the bar prices aren’t too bad and the location is remotely accessible.


Review by our reporter: Mohammad Yatim
Photos by our photographer: Hashem Ismail

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal From Sons Of Apollo Talks Touring With Dream Theater And The New Album

During Hellfest, we had the chance to sit down and talk to Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal from Sons Of Apollo about the current tour, the new album, and so many other things, you can read the whole conversation below and view the photos from their performance.

Metal Bell: Thank you so much for this opportunity to chat during the first show in Europe, it was a great show, congratulations.

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal: Thank you so much.

Metal Bell: So how does it feel to play your first show at Hellfest?

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal: Oh it is a great way to start a European tour, that’s for sure, no better way to start so we are very happy, to start a tour in front of 30,000 people I guess it’s ok (laughs).

Metal Bell: Have you ever played Hellfest before?

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal: Yeah six years ago with Guns, we headlined it, it is nice to be here doing it with people that are close to you, friends with whom we wrote together, we recorded together, and it’s great.

Metal Bell: Your tour started in February, how is the reception so far?

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal: Oh it is wonderful, this is our 42nd show I believe, it’s been great. We started off on the cruise to the edge, and then from there we went to the east coast and did like a week and a half of shows. And then April and May we did a big US tour, actually, we did South America, Mexico, Canada, and all around in the US. Nothing beats getting on the road, that’s what every band used to do to become who they are, being together every night and do it.

Metal Bell: How do I put this question, tell me how did

you come up or assemble The Avengers of Prog?

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal: (laughs) That was very easy, we all knew each other and played together over the years.
Me and Billy were playing for years doing these jams with Ray Luzier from KORN and with Mike. Me, Mike, and Billy would be this core band and we’d play like big events in New York, with guys from Anthrax and Kiss joining us. I laid guest solos on Metal Allegiance’s first album with Mike and another album that Billy produced for Madame Mayhem, a great artist that I laid 4 guitar solos for her album.

Me, Mike, Derek, and Billy played together at Prog Nation 4 years ago, so we all have this background and we’ve done things together, so it was a no-brainer. When Mike wanted to do this band, he sent me an email, it was January 2017, he said: hey, how we always talked about putting a band together! Well me and Derek have this idea and we want to go into the studio in March and just write on the spot, record on the spot, we all play together and mark it, record it the way bands used to do it, the right way, it’s the real thing. And we’ve written spontaneously, we did that, we spent 10 days at the studio, we wrote, recorded and made the album in 10 days.

So it was me, Mike, and Derek in the studio, and then Billy cut off his Mr. Big’s tour halfway through and joined us, then we all just recorded. Jeff finished his touring, then he recorded his vocals at my studio where I laid my

guitar solos on everything, and that was it. And then we just waited for the right moment to go out and announce the band and put out the album. The label is wonderful (Inside Out), they’ve been a fantastic record label, so supportive and really a good team.

Metal Bell: So basically You, Mike, and Derek wrote the majority of the album?

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal: Yeah it started with us and then Billy joined, then Jeff wrote everything you hear sung, that’s Jeff, he was really the key ingredient to turn it from a cold prog album to songs, things you can sing along you know, melodies that stick, that’s what Jeff does, he’s the guy.

Metal Bell: Today the band is less than a year old, considering all of your projects and involvements, will Sons Of Apollo be a long-term project?

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal: That’s the question everyone has, is this another quick project or is it a band that’s gonna be around.

Our intentions are for it to be a band that’s gonna be around, but at the same time, we can’t completely neglect everything else we have, we can’t do that. It is also not fair for the other people in our life that are waiting for us so we still have to do other things. This year we’ll do a lot of Sons Of Apollo, next year we’re gonna have to do some other things, but you know we are already writing for the second album, it really goes down to business, not amongst each other, but we can’t just afford to be in a start-up band, put everything else aside, and get this off the ground. We are not 20-year old kids in a van you know, so it’s tough, but we are giving it our best and our intentions are to be a band that puts out a lot of albums and keeps on going and going. So as long as everyone on our team does the right thing, you know we are depending on managers, the label and on each other, all it takes is one person to fuck it all up and then we are all screwed, it could be anybody that we are depending on if they don’t do the right thing.

What we want for this band is to continue and we are doing everything possible to keep that going even when odds are against us, we want to keep going, we do.

Metal Bell: We do hope so too, you know how prog fans are so attached.

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal: Sure yeah, and we made a pact with them, we said this is a band, we are obligated to keep our words to them and to ourselves.

Metal Bell: The history between Derek, Mike, and Dream Theater, would you ever consider a tour with them?

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal: I would love to do it, I have such tremendous respect for Dream Theater as a band and individuals. I love John Petrucci, we’ve met before, we’ve chatted, he’s a wonderful guy. I also played on Jordan’s solo record in 2009, he was just incredible. That would be a wonderful thing.

And honestly I feel like there would be no Sons Of Apollo if there was no Dream Theater, you know you have to respect where this came from and everything that leads up to it, the influences and the history, and I do, I tremendously do.

It’d be wonderful to play together, I doubt it would ever happen, that would be really something interesting to the fans to see that. I would love it to be taken not as a competition in any way, we are all branches of Dream Theater’s tree and I’m grateful to them, I respect and admire them.

Metal Bell: Your second album is called Sophomore, is there already a date in mind?

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal: Well I mean Derek has written things, he sends me videos and things like hey check out this riff I came up with, and we’ve talked to the label about it but nothing is definite yet. Right now, it’s just let us finish up what we have here and once it’s all clear and done, everything goes ok, we will then think about the next step. Even though now is the time to think about it, we are just staying focused and looking ahead, so we are thinking about this leg of the tour, then the next leg, and the leg after that so there’s no definitive time. We’ve talked about November going into the studio but I know Mike has something to do in November so it might be January, but hopefully not too far too long.

Metal Bell: Well thank you very much for the chat, it’s been wonderful talking to you and the best of luck for the rest of the tour.

Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal: Thank you very much. It was an absolute pleasure.

Interview and Photos by Sharbel Kanoun

Lattakia Rock City III – Music House Syria

 Event Description

حبايبنا الغوالي .. وأخيرا تحدد الموعد النهائي لـ
Lattakia Rock City III

لهالسنة .. يوم الأحد 13/5/2018 الساعة 5 ونص المسا بدافنشي اللاذقية (دوار الزراعة)

أكبر تجمع Rock/Metal رح يكون هالسنة مع 4 فرق أول فريق هني ضيوف شرف فرقة ميسلون يلي جايين من الشام لللادقية ومتحمسين كتير لحتى يعزفو أغانيهن ويلتقو بهالجمهور الرائع \m/

2- Desolation Row

Mustapha Hawa
Iyad Fadi Hawa
Rafik Moualla

3- Ithiria

Ghaith Meriy
Khoder Omoum
Alaa Basatneh
Ali Nasser
Wadih Ebrahim
Zualfikar Hattem

4- Basher Of Thoughts

Bashar Haroun
Mohammad Rajab
Zein Kherbek
William Youssef

الأنماط يلي رح تنشغل رح تكون منوعة بين الـ Rock/Heavy metal..Death metal وحتى Punk Rock !

أغاني لفرق متل:
Ozzy Ozbourne
Amon Amarth
Green Day
Blink 182
وكتير كتير غيرن من عدة أنماط مختلفة رح تكون على مسرحنا بنفس اليوم ..
الأغاني بالتفصيل رح نعلن عنا لاحقا ..

الحفلة هي رح تتميز بشغلتين أساسيتين الأولى هيه مستوى وجودة التجهيزات الصوتية والثانية هيه كون الحفلة وقوف وليست كراسي !
سعر البطاقة 2000 ل.س
البطاقات متوافرة بالكافيهات: باليت كافي – شارع بنت الشاويش
قصيدة نثر – الشيخضاهر
آبي رود – الأوقاف
أهوي – مقابل جريدة الوحدة
نيكست كافي – الأميركان
U.Ground studio
آخر سوق الذهب مقابل المصور جمال – بناية بيتزا الكباس
بالإضافة لبطاقات متوافرة مع جميع أعضاء الفرق والـ support team

مفاجآت كتيرة رح نعلن عنها بالأيام القليلة القادمة بخصوص الأغاني والفرق وحتى بخصوص البطاقات ♥

music house _
Tones, Dreams and Vibes ♥

Lattakia Rock City III Poster

Lattakia Rock City III

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