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Skull Session 2017 ONSLAUGHT Live In Beirut REVIEW


Last year, when Blaakyum were touring Europe alongside the almighty Onslaught, none of us thought we’d get to catch them on home turf. So once it was announced that ONSLAUGHT would be headlining this year’s edition of Skull Session at Station Beirut, we all guessed it was going to be big. Especially when the line-up was composed of other great bands such as Blaakyum, Damage Rite, and Slave To Sirens. Continue reading

Onslaught Live In Beirut | Saint George Hotel

Onslaught Live In Beirut!

Pioneers Of British Thrash Metal Onslaught official Live For The First Time In Beirut.

Date: Saturday September 9, 2017
Location: Saint-George Hotel,Yacht Club & Marina

Supporting Bands:
Damage Rite
Slave To Sirens


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Lebanese Metal Society

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Onslaught Live In Beirut

Onslaught Live In Beirut

Blaakyum Pre Bloodstock Show At The Rev UK

Traveling to the UK after being chosen to headline the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock Festival on Sunday 13th August, Lebanese Metal Thrashers Blaakyum will take their unique blend of Thrash, Heavy, and Groove Metal infused with Middle Eastern and Levantine folk music vibes to London.  Blaakyum Pre Bloodstock Show will take place at The Dev in Camden Town, a venue that is well known for its support to the underground music scene.

Three bands will be opening for Blaakyum at this event at The Dev. And here’s where we got surprised. It caught our attention that alongside Caskets and Endeavour, Element 26’s Guitarist and founding member Alexy Khoury‘s newest band, “GODD” will be opening for the Lebanese Thrashers, which is pretty cool!
Also, it is important to note that Endeavour‘s guitarist IAN is also Onslaught.


Blaakyum Pre Bloodstock Show At The Rev UK








DOORS OPEN AT: 8:00 pm


Pre Bloodstock Show

BLAAKYUM Headlines New Blood Stage At BLOODSTOCK

Lebanese Groove/Thrash standard bearers Blaakyum headline New Blood Stage at Bloodstock in the United Kingdom.

Continue reading

Onslaught Live In Lebanon | September 9

Onslaught Live In Lebanon September 9. This event was postponed from June 10 ( <-Read full statement here) till September 10.

This year, the Lebanese Metal Society is at its best, starting the year with Metal Bell’s “Metal Gathering getting the first international act to Lebanon for the year 2017, followed by “Metal Slam” by Rock Insight, “Beirut Metal” Fest by GM Entertainment, and now ONSLAUGHT live in Lebanon by Skull Session. Continue reading

Onslaught Live In Lebanon | June 10 Station Beirut (POSTPONED)

This Event Was Postponed till September 9th, Check out the official statement below:

This year, the Lebanese Metal Society is at its best, starting the year with Metal Bell’s “Metal Gathering getting the first international act to Lebanon for the year 2017, followed by “Metal Slam” by Rock Insight, “Beirut Metal” Fest by GM Entertainment, and now ONSLAUGHT live in Lebanon by Skull Session. Continue reading

An Interview With Onslaught

It was a very exciting moment when, during last September’s THRASH MERCENARIES TOUR, we contacted Blaakyum, who were part of the tour, to ask them if they would be able to pass a few questions we prepared as an interview with Onslaught. But Blaakyum’s frontman, as well as their manager, proposed to do it as a video interview, instead of a written one, with Bassem Deaibess volunteering to ask the questions prepared on our behalf and to film the interview on his mobile phone. (Watch Video Interview Below)

An interview with Onslaught

Onslaught is a band that would “never compromise [their] artistic integrity in any way”. We got a lot of insights from Sy Keeler and Nige Rockett about the inside world of Onslaught. Covering many subjects starting with the then ongoing tour, Nige and Sy explained how important it is today for a band to tour and why. They also shared with us some funny, beautiful, and life-changing stories they have faced during their life on the road; some were weird though.

Talking about their composition and the band’s sound, Nige was surprised that some people are “anal” about what tuning the band can use for a thrash Metal song.

“when you look at Testament, Kreator, Overkill, ourselves, everybody is making some of the best music they ever created.” – Nige

The interview also covers the band’s influences, which start with Punk and end with Prog, the recording back in the day versus the recording procedures and costs of today, ending up with information about the upcoming releases. So enough with me blabbering about the interview, you can watch it below:

An Interview With Onslaught!

 interview with Onslaught

– Interview by: Lilas Mayassi


Read More by: Lilas Mayassi

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Local Metal Band Surprises A 5-Year-Old Boy At His Birthday

Alex is a 5-year-old boy from Lebanon and a relative of veteran bassist Vik Bajac. Alex’s favorite bands happened to be thrash legends Metallica and Lebanese thrashers Blaakyum. Continue reading

BLAAKYUM Line Of Fear: A Remarkable Evolution – (9.2/10)

BLAAKYUM Line Of Fear – (92/100)

BLAAKYUM Line Of FearWe’ve come a long way from the competent but uninteresting ‘Lord of the Night’. Where the debut draws heavily from every outside influence, ‘Line of Fear’ draws inspiration from within, meaning Lebanese history, culture, and mythos. Where the traditional percussion of the ‘derbakke’ was mostly filler in the debut, it is now a major contributor to the overall mood of ‘Line of Fear’. The overall mood is now enhanced manifold, not just due to the addition of this oriental instrument, but by the perfected alchemy of all instruments with the vocals, providing a solid structure and form, fused with meaningful folk lyrics. Continue reading

BLAAKYUM Part Ways With Bassist Rany Battikh

After the absence of Rany Battikh from most of Blaakyum’s shows in 2016, speculations about Rany’s situation with the band emerged. Recently, Blaakyum parted ways with bassist Rany Battikh in an official statement on their official website, announcing tour bassist Pierre Le Port to become a permanent member. This announcement came 9 months after the departure of drummer Jad Feitrouni that was done in a public transition live during Concrete Metal last February. Continue reading

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