ANNIHILATOR | Fan Jumps On Stage & Who Wants Jeff’s Camaro SS?


The Canadian heavy/thrash metal band Annihilator posted earlier today a video of a fan jumping on stage and headbanging like crazy during their show at the Bang Your Head Festival – Germany. Surprisingly, Jeff Waters and Aaron Homma gave this excited dude the right attention, instead of calling the security to take him off the stage! Later on, Annihilator commented: “I remember talking to our 2nd guitarist in the video after the show. We looked at each other and I said “that was kinda weird, eh?”… he knew what I was saying and said something like “ya I know, it was a bit creepy”. Then we both said nothing for a bit and I said to him that I had been initially worried about the guy, as he had given a strange look to me when I looked at him… then I told Curran “but that was really cool, huh”?! He said “oh yea”. Sometimes, you just have to trust the feeling… Dime died after this but I had a crazy fan jump onstage in 1990 and slam me to the ground on my back; for no apparent reason. I have to believe that you can’t let people or things or threats or “what if?”s rule and ruin your life. Easy to say when nothing deadly has happened but you just have to have faith (in humans; not talking about religion!). Turns out, the guy that jumped onstage was a cool, total metalhead, Annihilator fan and, of course, just wanted to rock with us!”

That’s Wicked! Check it out here!

On the same post, Annihilator shared a link to a fundraising campaign they issued recently, and if you’re a diehard fan, this is for you…

Everything has a price, right? Let’s say your favorite band needs help, won’t you support them? I mean for the sake of their kickass music, why not? Annihilator offers you in return a cool metal deal on each selected package.

“We know this is out of reach to 99.999% of ya (if you would even want it!) but it sure attracts people to our campaign & who knows?! We, of course, have some small but needed perks for you… picks, autographed picture, live rehearsal streams, guitars, etc… And don’t let the total amount of the campaign fool ya… the car costs money, as do most of the other things! Love to all metalheads! “


Annihilator Mega deal

1- “ANNIHILATOR EDITION” Chevrolet Camaro SS (2012) packed with goodies…

2- A nice autographed postcard from Jeff & 2 of his Jim Dunlop custom guitar picks!

3- Get one of Jeff’s new Epiphone “Annihilation II” V guitar’s from his studio stock, signed if you like.
1 hour Skype guitar lesson from Jeff.
1 hour Skype lesson from Aaron.

4- Jeff and the boys will give you 2 guest-list tickets to any Annihilator non-festival show FOR LIFE.

5- Come on out to Dunrobin, Ontario, to Jeff’s home and studio! Spend 2 days/1 night with him & jam in his studio, get some lessons, go for a bike ride with him… or simply just hang out! When you leave Jeff’s house, you will also get one of his new Epiphone “Annihilation II” V guitar’s from his studio stock
Jeff and the boys will give you 2 guest-list tickets to any Annihilator non-festival show FOR LIFE.

Check out more details here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/annihilator#/

Spread the word and share this campaign with your friends. Only 12 days left.

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ANNIHILATOR | Fan Jumps On Stage & Who Wants Jeff’s Camaro SS?

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