The Neal Morse Band were on for their second night in Europe, Paris, AlHambra, a beautiful venue in the city of lights, packed with prog enthusiasts.

Neal Morse was joined with a lineup of fine musicians, Mike Portnoy on Drums, Randy George on Bass Guitar, Bill Hubauer on Keys and Eric Gillette on Guitar.

The show was very entertaining and enchanted by the different costumes of Neal Morse and a brilliant video wall behind the band.

Bill is a very skilled keys player but also provides vocal parts in a few songs, while Eric wowed the crowd every time with his guitar techniques.

A terrific show by all means, long and proggy with an epic performance by all members, Portnoy’s groovy drumming was no strange to the prog nation, it’s easy to say that two hours and a half passed really fast, with a small break half way through the show, the band took a breath to come back and continue an epic play list of the entire catalog of Neal Morse.

The ending was a surprise, the band took us on a great and proggy adventure playing a terrific encore from the finest moments of Neal Morse’s career since he began his journey as a solo artist, they started with The Land Of Beginning Again, Reunion, The Temple Of The Living God and all the way to close the curtains with The Call followed by Broken Sky and Long Day (reprise).

Enjoy some images taken during the performance

Garmonbozia Inc. organized this show in association with Hexagon Booking Agency.

Garmonbozia Inc. are no stranger to the French concertgoers for leading quality shows, you can check out their program and all their upcoming events here:

You can also check out below the mighty setlist of NMB’s Parisian show:

Act 1 

Overture: The Great Adventure    

The Dream Isn’t Over   

Welcome to the World   

A Momentary Change    

Dark Melody    

I Got to Run    

The Great Adventure   

Venture in Black    

Hey Ho Let’s Go    

Beyond the Borders  

Act 2   

Overture 2    

Long Ago    

The Dream Continues   

Fighting With Destiny   

Vanity Fair    

Welcome to the World 2   

The Element of Fear   

Child of Wonder    

The Great Despair    

Freedom Calling    

A Love That Never Dies 

Encore Medley   

The Land of Beginning Again (Neal Morse song)    

Reunion  (Neal Morse song)    

The Temple of the Living God (Neal Morse song)    

The Conflict (Neal Morse song)    

Leviathan (Neal Morse song)    

It’s for You (Neal Morse song)    

Momentum (Neal Morse song)   

The Call    

Broken Sky / Long Day (Reprise)