Fall Of Summer Festival 2017 Review!

This was my first time attending Fall of Summer fest in the Parisian region, it is located in a city called Torcy, which is 30 minutes away from Paris, by car.

FOS started not so long ago; in fact, the first edition was in 2014. Two days, two stages, and 29 bands in this year’s edition that closed the summer in the best possible way.

This festival is still young among the bigger festivals in Europe, but looking at the organizer’s approach in the past 4 years, it is clear that this festival will grow bigger and bigger year after year. The future is bright for FOS.

There was a bit of disappointment for fans as FOS suffered a few late cancellations including Doom and Saint Vitus, but the management were ready to react and both bands got replaced by Hideous Divinity and Shining.

The weather was really heavy metal; dark skies over both days but at some points the rain was really heavy and turned many areas from the festival’s ground into a muddy platform that at some areas became really dangerous to walk around.
In fact, most of the two days I wasn’t able to properly photograph, I feared for my Canon. And eventually it got soaking wet and stopped working and I had to take it to the service after my trip to get it fixed. This is why we have few photos from the Festival.

Apart from the weather, FOS gave every festival-goer the experience they usually seek, good selection of food and drinks, sufficient amount of toilets that were very clean, a very cool and large metal market, and a great lineup with a very organized program.

Fall Of Summer Festival 2017 Review

Day 1:

The first day kicked off with Au-Dessus on the Black Waters stage, a fresh post-black metal band from Lithuania, followed by Hideous Divinity on the Sanctuary stage with a very good performance of a really brutal death metal. They come from Rome, Lazio and they already have 3 full-length albums. Go check them out if you haven’t.

Later on the Black Waters stage, Grave Digger delivered a haunting performance of a pure heavy metal; I really enjoyed their performance.

Despite the rain, people were running between both stages watching very powerful performances by Magma, Shining, and Gaahls Wyrd.

On the Black Waters stage, here comes the one and only Annihilator. Everyone was up for a treat with an incredible old school Thrash Metal lead by no other than Jeff Waters playing classic tunes such as Set The World On Fire, Human Insecticide, and Alsion Hell.

The Black/Celtic Metal band Primordial concluded the night of Day one with a performance worth waiting for, followed by an after party until 3:00 AM.

Day 2:

The second day started brighter, skies were still darker but at least no rain so far.

ENDE opened the day on the Sanctuary stage, followed by Crescent on the Black Waters stage, young talented musicians that came all the way from Cairo, Egypt. They play Blackened Death Metal music.

As the time was passing, fans enjoyed many great performances by Azarath, Bulldozer, and Melechesh, and the heavy rain did not stop the fun.

Non-stop rain and heavy metal was probably the best headline for the last day. The night was long and full of great bands; the mighty Marduk followed by Venom on the Black Waters, and to conclude the fourth edition of FOS on the Sanctuary stage, Septicflesh played an hour of their finest music.

The curtains were down for the original program, but the after party was planned until the fall of the summer as stated by the festival.

I didn’t have the energy to stay and I’m not really sure until what time the party was going. But I’m pretty sure some crazy metalheads were up for it even though the weather wasn’t on their side.

FOS was great overall. I just hope for a better weather next year but as a metal festival experience, I guess everyone had an amazing time and I’m really looking forward to next year’s edition. It is a festival to close up your summer trip and you will not regret it.

Keep following our pages and the festival pages as well for 2018 announcements.


Stay Metal!

Fall Of Summer Festival 2017 Review!

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