Arriving a few minutes before the show started, I was struck by the size of the crowd and how hyped people were in Metro that night. The venue was packed to the point that we couldn’t even elbow our way past the crowd to get a bit closer to the stage.

The show started just on time with an instrumental track accompanied by mesmerizing, captivating, hypnotizing, and seizure-inducing visuals on the screen. A couple of minutes later, the band started making its way to the stage, and the crowd grew louder as every member walked and took their place.

As soon as the band started, the visuals were resumed on the screen accompanying the band’s music and madness throughout the evening. From the first second the first chord was struck and until the very end of the show, the band had each and every person in the crowd enthralled.

Tanjaret Daghet sounded massive and heavy AF, they showed professional musicianship and excellent lead, knowledge, and use of their instruments and accompanying effects. They owned the stage, the night, and each person present in the crowd. (Continue Below …)

All Photos By Metro Al Madina.

Tanjaret Daghet exploded then imploded continuously throughout the night. They played a set of psychedelic tunes that had indefinite build-ups, promising a wild explosion each time. But the music didn’t break-down when we though it would! Just as the music reached a climax, it started building up again and again, reaching a higher climax, promising an even louder explosion, and just when you least expected it, the band sets all that energy loose, throwing the crowd into a much-awaited frenzy.

The band played two new songs during their performance, and one extra track as an encore. At the end of their performance, the band announced that they are working on a new album and that they will be launching an album crowdfund campaign sometime soon, and then lectured a crowd member about the importance of watching the band play instead of texting during the performance.

Kudos for Metro, Tanjaret Daghet, and anyone who made this FREE stellar event happen.

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