Sonic Resolutions was an event organized by the AUB Music Club to help you get the year started! It was a great show, with our own Cookie Shemaly reviewing it!

Alex Mitri: The show started with the talented Alex, who managed to put on a great show, even though he was very sick with the flu. This skilled young man opened the show with a thrilling selection of acoustic blues songs that were performed with a whole lotta passion that was poignantly heard in his strumming, and in his piercing harmonica solos. He also performed a couple of originals that are in a way cleverly written and promising, but our favorite songs were definitely “Hello”, and “Hey Jude”. Although his style was in a way monotonous at points, we can not criticize his interpretation of Adele’s “Hello”, accompanied by the brilliant Jad Tabet on guitar. This is not your average depressing “Hello”, this is the version that makes you smile, also his “Hey Jude” cover was very enchanting , it lived up to the hype as everyone was happily singing along. If you didn’t catch Alex’s flu, you probably caught his harmonic vibes!

Sima: If I were to describe Sima’s performance in one word, I’d definitely, without hesitation, say : “Hypnotic”. Sima played her guitar (and sometimes Ukulele) with devotion as Karim Merhej accompanied her on keys occasionally with some lush chords, and Roger Zouein with his fluid drum beats. Her cover of “How Deep is Your Love” was a wholly unique venture that complimented her pungent, blissful voice. She also performed two originals : an unnamed one, and “White Flower”, both were embroidered with bittersweet melodies and striking poetry, she had minor difficulties though, but we would definitely want to hear more of her originals. My favorite was her stunning cover of “Facing West” by The Staves which was as soothing as it was satisfying.

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Taksim: Now we reach the highlight of the event, the power, the shock, the heaviness. I think I’d rather advise each and everyone reading this review to go and see Taksim as soon as possible, and if you don’t trust me, we asked a huge part of the audience and they all agreed that Taksim were “the bomb” . This power trio combined soaring harmonies with tremendous effects and left us begging for more. Karim Merhej’s guitar transitions were top notch not to mention his groundbreaking solos with the fantastic Mohamed Rida doing an exceptional job on the drums, and last but not least the flawless Elia Tawil who played some insanely haunting basslines. The trio performed three excellent songs, and here’s a funny story, I was going to write in the review that the last song was my favorite, and I thought it was mind-blowingly sophisticated, so I asked Karim about the song. Well, as it turns out, THE WHOLE SET WAS IMPROVISED! I still can’t get over the shock, because what these guys played was simply amazing.

Taksim Sound Revolutions

Waynick: The show ended with the pop-rock band Waynick who played some basic pop-rock songs (David Guetta, Bastille), and, to be fair, they provided a very hyper and bright ambiance, but they weren’t very satisfying from a technical aspect. Their best song in my opinion was “Carolina”, which is a very great original! We certainly want more originals, because their unique sound is way better than the covers they perform. The female vocalist is quite entertaining and has a piercing voice, and generally everyone was good on their instruments. I must add that their cover of “Riptide” by Vance Joy was a definite triumph, would love to see these guys progressing .


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