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Due to the recent rise of the scene within the last couple of years, metal heads expected none other than the almighty Greeks SepticFlesh. The event’s opening band was chosen by popular votes on Facebook, which was a pretty cool idea. The line up consisted of InnerGuilt, Verdict from UAE, and Deathlam as supporting acts to SepticFlesh live in Lebanon.

The doors opened at 7 and fans kept pouring in until 8 when Deathlam stepped on stage. Even though the band provided pretty good black metal music, the performance lacked any crowd interaction.The sound wasn’t on par either, as the vocals were kind of unbearable. Many people thought that the music was great but the band lacked any adrenaline and thus their set was a little dull.

After that came Verdict, all the way from UAE. When they stepped on stage, something felt different. And that was the absence of the bassist and the second guitarist. Yet still the band managed to pump up the crowd with song after song and riotous speech after speech. The great music, charisma of the vocalist, and overall talent of the performing members substituted for the lack of bass and lead guitar.

SepticFlesh Live In Lebanon REVIEW

Up next were InnerGuilt, the almighty Lebanese thrashers-death metallers. The band faced some problems from the monitors on the stage, but this didn’t even remotely affect the awesome performance they had. The crowd was finally moshing as they played fan favorites such as the “Burden Of Guilt”. The amazing drumming, great riffs, oriental-based solos, and mesmerizing vocals provided the crowd with a brutal memory.

SepticFlesh Live In Lebanon REVIEW

Finally, it was time! The lights began to dim as the crowd started cheering SepticFlesh’s name. And then the Greek legends finally hit the stage. The venue was practically full at this moment, and the view was truly breathtaking. Thus began the epic performance that involved every fan’s dream playlist. From singing Annubis’s melody long to the infinite walls of death involving Prometheus and The Vampire From Nazareth. Their music and sound was legendary live. The moshing and headbanging kept going throughout the show. But what I loved the most was how highly interactive the band is live. Especially the final bit that lectured the importance of supporting local bands the most as they might reach internationalism someday.

It was a heroic night. The sound was great throughout most of the show, even though it had some minor issues. And the lights truly complemented all the performances. The bar didn’t lack any alcohol either, as you would expect from an event sponsored by Jack Daniels. Thus I think this is one of the best concerts the scene has witnessed. And hopefully with the ongoing support, we will keep growing and getting such bands to play our territory.
Cheers! \m/

-By Mohamad Yatim

SepticFlesh Live In Lebanon REVIEW

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