The new guys in the scene “Rock In Sight” organized their second multi-band concert, “That One Night 2”. The organizers have previously given us “That One Night 1” and helped in organizing “Break The Cycle”, so I was guessing that by their third event, they should have an idea of how things go.

That One Night II, Metro al-Madina – July 16, 2016.

I arrived just before the doors opened and to my surprise, there was no line or crowds waiting at the entrance in comparison to previous metal events that took place at Metro al-Madina.

That One Night crowd

The show started at 8, after a one hour delay, with the organizers announcing that they plan to make “That One Night” an annual event and introducing the opening act, Aces High.

However, the band didn’t directly start. Some technical issues hindered the band before they started playing, and persisted during a couple of their songs. The performance was less than impressive with desperate attempts from the band to get the crowd cheering, but the crowd was hardly responsive. I guess it was due to the vocalist being off note most of the time to the point that I noticed a dozen of people in the crowd cringe so bad every now and then while a dozen else left the stage and went to the bar area.

Risky Violet An instant improvement in sound and performance with Risky Violet (Rage Against The Machine tribute band) as the band was able to get the crowd moving and left them satisfied with their energetic and lively performance. They were well prepared in every aspect, especially the vocalist; he knows how to move on stage and what it takes to get a crowd moving, and he does it well. Half-way through Risky Violet’s performance, the crowd started growing.

Within Destruction continued with the same energy delivering a solid set list of metal core songs that included a number of their originals. During this performance, the crowd was at its biggest size for the night and most of them seemed well satisfied with the performance. However, the band had some long undesirable pauses between the songs that had me thinking at some point that the guys will leave or get booed off the stage. The band proved me wrong in these times as they resumed their list and got the crowd moshing and head banging. The band concluded their performance with a guest guitarist, Anwar Habib.

Up next was Eden who played a list of originals from their upcoming debut EP accompanied by a visual preparation during the intro/outro. Eden’s Originals were pretty good and got the crowd excited. The highlight of the performance was band members having instrumental solo duels. The band’s performance sounded somehow lacking since Charbel Haddads’s powerful voice was buried too deep in the mix, but still, Eden delivered a satisfying performance.

That One Night - EDEN

By the time ZiX took on the stage, the crowd had started shrinking little by little. The band was struggling with technical difficulties through their performance and it had me wondering whether they sound checked or not, and if they did, what the hell was going up in the sound mixing booth? The sound issues the band faced made their performance a little bit uneasy to enjoy. It’s not that the band wasn’t prepared or anything, on the contrary, the performance was very solid and tight with Maya Khairallah’s remarkable stage presence, but the bad sound just ruined it.

Last but not least, Rebellion took on the stage and performed a list of classic metal tracks and a couple of their original tracks. Even though the crowd was somehow small and a bit tired by then, the band was able to get them cheering thanks to Nigol Ozz and Ossy Mash’s  stage persona.

That One Night - REBELLION

In short, the concert was okay, and I would attend another one organized by Rock In Sight in case they promise to fix whatever went wrong with the sound during this concert. For starters, I would have named this event “That One Night Of Sound Technical Difficulties”. Moreover, I kept questioning myself which bands really did attend the sound check as the sound quality for some bands was really good while it was total SH*T for others (and you don’t have to be a sound expert to realize that). And if they all attended the sound check does all the bands know how to set up their sound? do they have a proper gear?

The second thing that occupied my thoughts was whether the sound engineer was really present in the sound booth during this concert, and in case he were, why didn’t he/she do anything to fix the sound and spare our ears some damage?

And finally, the organizers could have announced a clear time table and break time for the event; most people would leave after a band finishes and return 10-15 minutes late after the second band starts (despite the fact that the organizers were calling in the crowd when a band was starting), that if they knew another band was going to perform later.

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