The Syrian civil war brought destruction and violence to the beautiful land of Syria, but led this truly brilliant band to arrive here in none other than our own Lebanese metal scene. They’ve been here in Lebanon for the past 2 years and have been working on their debut album. They released the self-titled album on August 12, and we were all amazed.

The event took place in Mezyan, a traditional Lebanese restaurant in Hamra, with an oriental feel to it. The crowd was huge! A fully reserved restaurant brimming with people everywhere! Everyone was excited about the release and looking forward to it. There was no stage, just a cleared corner with all the gear they need setup. As they started playing their set list, which began with beta’ammer, Aayesh, Bel Sharea’, Ma Aad Beddo, and finished off with Ahbal. Some of the crowd complained to me after I took the freedom of asking them, they said the set list was short and they wished the band played the whole album. As for the venue, it was tight, more restaurant-ish rather than a place to dance freely, again another complaint from the audience. The sound system had flawed distribution, but that went largely unnoticed. Now that I am done with all the downsides, I will now focus on the positive side of this release, which overwhelms the downsides. The band engaged completely with the crowd, I never saw a crowd and a band with so much chemistry, as if this bond formed instantly when Khebez Dawle started playing. The songs were heartfelt, and the vocals were just superb. Music wise, they performed brilliantly and professionally.

I’d watch them again, and again, and again. This band really impressed me because whenever I hear them, I know they’re Syrian. Their music has identity, which is the thing we lack of most in the rock/metal scene of the Arab world in my opinion. I think this is one of the best Middle Eastern bands, and look forward to any future releases.


– Majd Ibrahim

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