Right back from Abu Dhabi’s Arena stage, where they opened for rock legends Motley Crue on their final tour, Jay Wud came back to Lebanon to perform a great concert with Tanjaret Daghet.

Tanjaret Daghet was up first and they kicked off the night stupendously. I was absolutely mind-blown by their performance and their chemistry with the crowd. They were very engaging and just kick-ass. The heavy use of effects on the guitar parts shows Tarik knows his guitar well and how to make the best of it, as well as his great showmanship, cheers to that. As for the extremely well composed groovy bass lines by Khaled, kudos. The band also played a song from their upcoming album. It was extremely psychedelic and ambient, I loved every bit of it. I’d definitely watch them again.

A Mix including Tanjaret Daghet – Radio Show “Note d’Oriente” – 03/12/2015 – Music & Culture from Maghreb and Middle East by Note D’Oriente on Mixcloud

As for the great rockers, Jay Wud, they simply rocked the hell out of the room. As soon as Jay Wud himself appeared on stage, the whole room was ecstatic. I was impressed by the music, it’s very well produced and composed, it was very enjoyable to listen to and watch, but it wasn’t really my type of music. I feel Jay Wud should innovate more in his songwriting. The band did announce their crowdfunding project for their next album and they played us some of the new material on the upcoming record.

Jay Wud & Tanjaret Daghet Backstage

The venue was a great place for this event, the sound system was great, as well as the lights. As for the backing visuals, those were the perfect complement to their music (especially Tanjaret Daghet) sending subliminal messages to the crowd. In short, it was a great concert, one that I thoroughly enjoyed.


Majd Ibrahim

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