The 19th of December 2015 is a day to be marked in the books of history.

Not only is that the case because of Brit Floyd‘s fantastic performance, however, primarily due to the weather forecast and its unforeseen drift, where the attendees of the concert witnessed a slight rain of Pigs and Dogs. 

Rarely do you ever see a massive inflated pig taunting you from above as you sway to the sound of your favorite music, unless you just so happened to be at a Pink Floyd concert when the band was still performing. Brit Floyd has brought back this mind-boggling experience, to those of us who were never there to experience it when the members of Pink Floyd were still intact, or to those who looked back on the good old days and hoped to feel the same rush of adrenaline they did 20 years ago. Brit Floyd was fully capable of helping us relive the moment, setting up a brilliant light show, complimenting the audience with great music, amusing them with some well-produced visuals to help enhance the trip, and finally, manipulating the five senses of a stadium highly populated with drunks.The band passionately performed excerpts from The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall, and The Division Bell, and Pink Floyd’s latest release, The Endless River.

The speakers were loud enough to reach the ears of everyone there without deafening them, the concert was kept well contained, and the show was up and running for a good two and a half hours with short breaks in between, allowing you to release your bladder and refill your cups. All in all, this performance although performed annually,  will never cease to bore you. Soon enough, Space and Time will do their part and we shall find ourselves in the stadium of Brit Floyd’s next magnificent performance.

– Dany Ayyash.

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