The date is 1/7/2015. Another concert for the amazing Pink Floyd tribute band AndrOmidA. Outside of El Sawy Culture Wheel’s door, the fans were standing in line waiting for the doors to open. Exactly at 10 PM, the doors were opened and the audience entered the hall. Since the concert was in the final days of Ramadan, I thought that the attendance wouldn’t be that much as always, but boy was I wrong! The hall was filled to its fullest and every seat was reserved that they had to add extra seats for the huge amount of fans waiting to listen to their favorite pink Floyd songs. After a 30-minute delay, the band finally went on stage; the audience cheered as the band started setting up and getting ready to play the first song.

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They started with “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” part 1 through 7, playing it perfectly great with passion and power. Every instrument was spot on, and the crowd was so into it. Then they played one of the fan-favorite songs, “Wish You Were Here”; the crowd cheered and sang along with the band as they played this Pink Floyd masterpiece. It was followed by “What Do You Want From Me”. The drummer “Sherif EL Sharqawi” delivered some amazing vocals and playing on this track. “Sorrow” was played next, followed by “Louder Than Words”; the audience was in awe as the band played those songs and delivered a true Pink Floyd experience. Next, another fan favorite was played which is “Hey You” and everyone sang along again with this awesome song. They ended the first session with one of my personal all-time favorite Pink Floyd songs, “High Hopes”. As the introductory bells of the song rang, the crowd cheered and sang alone once more with this masterpiece. The piano line, the guitar solo, the vocals, everything was perfect.

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After a short break, the band started the second session with two guests on stage: guitarist, “Mohamed Adel”, from the band Screwdriver, and an acoustic guitar player. They played the whole “Animals” album starting with “Pigs On the Wing Pt I” followed by “Dogs” and “Pigs (Three Different Ones)”. “Amr Hassan”, the keyboardist/vocalist, showed some amazing talents through those tracks. “Ahmed Anwar” delivered some mind-blowing bass lines that amazed everyone in the crowd. Then they played “Sheep” and “Pigs On the Wing Pt II” which concludes the album and leaves only one song left for the night which every Pink Floyd enthusiast loves and waits for in every Andromida concert: “Comfortably Numb”. The crowd went insane and sang along loudly with this masterpiece. This is the most awaited song in the whole concert, and the band never fails to deliver it perfectly. The whole band gave everything they had in this song and you can clearly see the chemistry between the band and the audience. The song’s solo played by the amazing “Ally Salem” was so good that you can’t help but get goosebumps from its epicness. For every Pink Floyd fan in Egypt, Andromida are the closest thing you can find to the real Pink Floyd experience. Never failing to give that awesome vibe you would get from the real Pink Floyd. So if you haven’t been to one of their concerts before and you are a Pink Floyd fan, you definitely should!

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Mahmood Amr

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