Brick Floyd Live at Beirut Open Space REVIEW!

As we all know, the 19th of January was a busy night for all of them Pink Floyd fans. Pink Floyd’s music is kind of like psychedelic rock and is considered to have some trippy effects on the mind if delved into. Recreating their music isn’t like a bunch of 14 year olds covering “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, but needs a lot of experience in sound effects with instruments, which not too many bands in Lebanon might be capable of. But Brick Floyd sure can. They announced that their show would be held in Beirut Open Space, on Jan 19. What I like about that venue is that it is located in Mar Mkhayel and not on the main road, which means we don’t get stuck in traffic from the beginning of Gemayze street.

Brick Floyd Live at Beirut Open Space REVIEW

The venue was packed with a lot of people from different backgrounds, all standing together singing well-known Pink Floyd songs. I loved the music completely, it was well played, although some solos were altered such as in “Have a Cigar” and “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”, but that is understandable. As for the vocals, they were quite similar, but not close enough to Syd Barrett or Roger Waters. That doesn’t matter though because they pulled off a brilliant show! I disliked the stage being low and deep inside the corner, because I couldn’t clearly see the drummer who had a tight and steady beat throughout the entire night. The songs Brick Floyd played were all complemented by their famous laser show. Although it was at eye level (that’s quite dangerous and should’ve been adjusted beforehand), it was a lovely sight.

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Brick Floyd Live at Beirut Open Space REVIEW

This was all complemented by the fine sound system and the flashy lighting setup at Beirut Open Space, not forgetting  the friendly bartenders who took care of everyone’s alcoholic needs. The downfall of all of that was that the room was completely drenched with smoke to an extent that my friend found it hard to breathe at some point and had to go out for a breath of fresh air. On a side note, I think the venue should ban smoking inside and comply with Lebanese Laws.

If it was up to me, I’d go any other day to watch them play again with a group of Floydians to sing along with.

Brick Floyd Live at Beirut Open Space REVIEW

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