Ghost is this really strange band that hides behind masks and no one (except for the record company and managers) knows who the members are. But who cares anyway, this has only added more mysteriousness and probably more interest in this band that has risen into mainstream success (?) in a matter of 5 years since the release of its debut album titled “Opus Eponymous”, and the band rode a speeding train to mainstream with its second album “Infestissumam” which was a follow-up success, although it showed a huge shift in musical direction from the previous album.

Ghost Meliora Art[1]

But let’s forget that, for the band has a new face now called Papa Emeritus III, being backed by nameless Ghouls creating some of the sweetest music I have heard among the 2015 releases so far.
The album highly relies on organs, string ensembles, choirs’ voices, and super thick bass chops which makes it a very groovy, heavy, and catchy album. Papa’s mesmerizing voice only lures you further into the tracks, especially during most of the choruses on the album where he hits some higher registers, while being backed by that organ.

The album kicks off with Spirit which relies heavily on the organ and choirs during the chorus, adding that eerie feeling to the song, like a haunting scene from a cartoon series from our childhood (or at least mine). Up next comes From the Pinnacle to the Pit, and to be frank, once I heard it, I couldn’t stop myself from learning its bass line, then shoving that bass line down everyone’s throat (yes, it’s that good!). This song, as we previously reported, describes Satan’s fall from Heaven to Hell. Cirice comes up next, which is the finest track this band has put so far, from the intro riff, to verse, all the way to chorus and those claps of thunder, addressing the listeners to join the cult where they will be accepted no matter what.


Spoksonat (translates to Ghost sonata) is a small instrumental break from all the action that happened on the first three tracks, paving the way for the next track “He Is” which is somehow an acoustic track, or let’s just call it a ballad. Although this track may sound like a beautiful track to pop while driving your girlfriend/boyfriend (or just driving yourself on a romantic solo date), it is a call to love and embrace Satan, showing us the light in Satan and that sort of stuff. And on this track, Papa hits the lowest notes he uses on the album. Up next, the game changes with Mummy Dust. Now this is interesting, very interesting in fact… All that palm muting, the heavy riff they lay on the track, the distortion and fluttering in Papa’s voice, the snare drum, it just makes you want to start jumping all around, while stopping to sing along the chorus “In god you trust, my mummy dust”. Majesty comes up next, and once it started playing, I had to make sure my music player didn’t switch to some Deep Purple/Blackmore track (a Satan worshiping Deep Purple/Blackmore to be more precise). This song is pretty similar to Spirit, with a lot of organs, and choir in the chorus where Papa hits the higher register vocals.

Devil Church is another instrumental break (or not) from what was happening, opening up for another horrifying masterpiece on this album titled Absolution. The thick riff, the chorus, the ummmmmmm, damn this song is so good, go give it a listen, I can’t describe it.
And finally, the clock ticks (as if for the end of the world??) in Deus In Absentia (translates to in the absence of God), where Papa’s voice in the verse is backed by sharp short notes and drum strokes, until it breaks into a soft melody for the chorus, ending in what sounds like some religious chant.

As much as this album is fun to listen to, and you can shove it down your non-metalhead friends (without them knowing it holds a lot of satanic and ungodly verses), yet I didn’t find that much of a solid album. Let’s take for example Majesty which starts like 80’s rock then flips into something proggy later on, and From the Pinnacle to the Pit, the entire song has the same structure, which makes it kind of boring.

As a whole, if I had any authority outside my bedroom, I would award this as album of the year! (At least among its category). It’s very enjoyable and fun to listen to, at just 41 minutes, you won’t get bored of it, on the contrary, you will be asking for more.

Score: 8.5/10

Recommended tracks: Cirice, Majesty, Mummy Dust, and Absolution.

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