Filter Happier is a five-piece Post-Rock band previously known as Banana Elephent. Formed in Beirut in 2013, consisting of Elie Abdelnour (bass), Camille Cabbabé (guitar), Elie El Khoury (drums), Georgy Flouty (guitar and vocals), and Ada Harb (vocals and keys).  Filter Happier – Trying To Rush Everything EP was released on July 16th 2016. Read Review  below.

Filter Happier Trying To Rush Everything EP Review (8/10)

Filter Happier released their “Trying to Rush Everything” EP a few weeks ago. I recommend everyone to buy the EP because of how diverse the songs are. It is surely not for one specific audience; anyone can relate to their music in one way or another.

Their first track “Glow” is, by far, my favorite; the synchronization of every instrument creates a magical harmonic ensemble. The song offered us firm drum sounds, very professionally played by Elie El Khoury, fitting the song’s vibe. The lyrics are uniquely special, with so much profundity and importance in them, similar to all their tracks’ lyrics. The climax is remarkable, a dream-pop vibe at its finest, especially with Ada’s stunning vocals.

Their second track “Drown” has a nice jazzy feel to it in the beginning, then it builds up during the chorus into sounding exceptionally melodic and passionate, backed by Georgy Flouty’s beautiful vocals. When the song builds up in some parts, the guitars and the bass are sharp, precise, and edgy.

Filter Happier Trying To Rush Everything

Their third track “Dust” is good, but the way it starts doesn’t suit at all the vibe in the chorus and the rest of the song; the chorus though, being truly, flawlessly composed and sung. The vocals and the ambient-sounding guitars offer the song such an enthusiastic yet emotional totality. The instruments in the climax envelop one another to finalize the song in the most exquisite way ever.

Their last track “Home” is energetic, sounding fundamentally the same as The Cure, since the drums sound somewhat Gothic. It is a very chill road-trip kind of song, where the chorus is very light in vocals and restless in guitars.

Layal Gemaa

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