Eden Sworn Obedience Prerelease Review by MOLOCH!

Eden Sworn Obedience is the latest release of malevolent sonic energy from the Phoenician shores.

The Lebanese thrash quartet’s debut, is a 5-song mini CD with a sixth song, ‘Penetration’ which is a Nefilim cover and a couple of additional demo tracks added as bonuses.

If death by radioactive fallout is your cup of tea, then you’ve come to the right place; Sworn Obedience explores the enslavement of humanity to technology and consumerism, hollowing itself out, resulting into a landscape of desolation, spiritual sickness, and demise by zombification.

Demented vocals and filthy drumming convey a sense of urgency but at the same time, a sense of being too late to be able to turn things back. The resulting thick barrage of sonic death is like a 5-ton boot coming down on your face; your expression is a mixture of horror at the incoming brutal end, but also of eager anticipation of swift deliverance from agony.

Eden knows when to lift its foot off the gas and proceeds to give its victims a short breather in the form of the instrumental ‘Obsidian Rain’, before reopening the portal into fields of plague and horror with the sinister 7-minute ‘Black Rider’.

While musical competence is evident, the band’s true strength lies in its capacity to conjure apocalyptic atmospheres of doom while delivering heavy-hitting thrash with death metal undertones. The metallic slab at hand, while short, is full of evil promise and leaves the hordes howling for more.


Eden will release their Debut album Sworn Obedience during GRAVE LIVE IN LEBANON concert on October 7th, 2017

Eden Sworn Obedience Prerelease Review by MOLOCH

Eden Sworn Of Obedience Prerelease Review