The Melodic Death Metal band known as “The Black Dahlia Murder” have promised us a gruesome unpolished raw album in one of their interviews. That’s what we would expect from a band named after a terrible and nauseating crime. But this is no new band, for they have been around since 2001 and hold 6 albums in their record, with “Abysmal” being the seventh.

For those of you who don’t know, this is not your regular death metal band that features a cookie monster throughout the album with the same riff and overly distorted guitars, this is a bit different. If you’re new to them, this is a great starter album.

Abysmal Cover art

Abysmal Cover art

The album opens with Receipt, unleashing glazing blast beats, insane riffing, inhuman growling/screaming/whatever-they-call-it-these-days, and stays at that tempo without slowing for one moment. Up next comes a track which may seem a bit slower than the previous tracks, so you check on the media player, and BAM! You’re on track number 6. Wait, how did that happen? Why was it so fast? You just get lost between all the double guitar picking, the melodic solos which the fans have grown accustomed to. But here’s something new to the fans on this one, there are certain tracks that are a tiny bit faster than what we are used to as Asylum and Threat Level No 3.
This album has no rest or break section, it just keeps going from moment one. No boring atmospheric intros, no weird effects for outros, just pure raw death metal that speeds up and then speeds up a bit more every now and then. (With the exception of Stygiophobic)

This is a masterpiece, something that I would definitely play over and over again as loud as I can until someone from my family makes the album vanish mysteriously.

Score: 8/10

Recommended tracks: Vlad Son of The Dragon, Asylum, and Threat Level No.3.

Check out the singles released below and let us know what you think.

– Bashar Hassanieh

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