BLAAKYUM Line Of Fear – (92/100)

BLAAKYUM Line Of FearWe’ve come a long way from the competent but uninteresting ‘Lord of the Night’. Where the debut draws heavily from every outside influence, ‘Line of Fear’ draws inspiration from within, meaning Lebanese history, culture, and mythos. Where the traditional percussion of the ‘derbakke’ was mostly filler in the debut, it is now a major contributor to the overall mood of ‘Line of Fear’. The overall mood is now enhanced manifold, not just due to the addition of this oriental instrument, but by the perfected alchemy of all instruments with the vocals, providing a solid structure and form, fused with meaningful folk lyrics.

‘Line of Fear’ tackles a schizophrenic society in the grips of an identity and political crisis, religion, rebirth and the ancient origins of Lebanon, namely its pagan patron god. It frenziedly claws to uncover the buried identity of a slumbering, lethargic people who need to wake up and reconnect with their roots.


For 40 minutes, Blaakyum doesn’t let up, and despite the thrashing heaviness and speed of the genre, manages to deliver an intricately crafted beast that also sounds elegant. Not brutal. ELEGANT; speed, strength, and power are dealt effortlessly, yet passionately. Each of the album’s 8 slabs displays surprising variation, be it in the shifting vocal performance of Bassem Deaibess or the oriental intros that make way for the arsenal of riffs that will unmistakably show up. The cadence alternates between atmospheric oriental breaks and relentless guitar assaults that feel like waves of armies assaulting the citadel of your senses. Baal-Adon is pleased and smiles from his shiny pantheon as Blaakyum wails and roars sonic adoration into his divine ears.

This is, arguably, the first folk-oriented Lebanese metal album that really matters. It easily avoids the stigma of linearity attributed to the thrash genre, by offering a stunning musical, rhythmic, and instrumental variation without ever sounding trite; every arrangement and each break was carefully thought out and planned, resulting into a living, breathing, organic, muscled, world class performance. It is a giant leap in musicianship and content, that comparing the first album to this one, is literally comparing 2 different bands. Get this album, not because it has an exotic percussion instrument. Not because it has great vocals and spotless guitar/bass/drum work, but because it has a soul and for that reason, it will continue to please and impress you for many more listens.



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– Josef ‘Baal Moloch’ Haddad

Article originally published by our contributor writer Josef ‘Baal Moloch’ Haddad on Metal-Archive.

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