As the release date of ZiX’s much anticipated studio album closes up, the band graced us with another mouthwatering single from the album “Tides of The Final War”.

ZiX have been working on “Tides of The Final War” for quite some time now and the result of their prolonged work seems to be very promising and satisfying so far.

Zix Album Release Date

(You can read more about album details over here and here!)

Prior to the release of the single “Tides of The Final War”, the band previously released “Crucible”which was a juicy meal to listeners. “Tides of The Final War” has everything ZiX fans want and love to hear, from melodic riffing to Maya’s (very) aggressive take on vocals . Check it out below:

ZiX is a heavy metal band which was formed in Beirut in 2010 by composer/bassist Ziad Bardawil who had already been working on his own projects since 1998.
Ziad joined forces with Maya Khairallah in 2012 after meeting the guitarist Juan Carrizo in Germany and they decided to record a debut EP. In December 2015, two new members joined the band, Walid Awar on the guitars and Ziad Al Alam on the drums.
In 2012, they self-produced a demo EP entitled “The WarWhore”.

“Tides of The Final War” is available for pre-order here.

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