Last month, Egyptian Heavy Metal band Divine released a new single entitled “Defeating the Undefeated”. This track is considered as another new step in Divine’s comeback to the scene with its new vocalist Adham Kafafy. Divine was formed in 2005 and Adham Kafafy joined the band last year as a new front-man. It released its first single with Kafafy entitled “Lies” that had a nice success in the African scene.

Before reviewing the track, let’s tackle its theme first. The track talks about the story of 6th October War. The subject of this war is one of glorious events in the contemporary history of Egypt. Now, you may have an idea about the reason of the title’s track. Exactly, during the war, the Israeli troops claimed that their army, especially their defense wall “Bar Lev Line”, are UNDEFEATED. So, the Egyptian Army managed to defeat the Israeli Army and deconstruct their undefeated wall.

Defeating The Undefeated

You understand the theme now, let’s move to the track itself. The track is 6:08 minutes long, yes, that means that track carries more than one movement, or to be clear, is closer to progressive music. Adham Kafafy is the vocalist of one of the leading Egyptian progressive Metal bands: Anarchy. Number 6 is significant here as it is the number of the minutes of the track, the day of the war, the number of war, and the number of evil.

The track starts with the sounds of Trumpet (Trumpet of Wars) to reflect the sense of conflict. Then, the music starts with melodic active riffs with the known familiar harsh clean vocals of Adham Kafafy. We have those high pitches, well performed vocals that narrate to you the legend of war. At 1:22, the music slows down till 2:13, you can feel the harmony of the guitar sounds in the music. Reaching 2:49, the music becomes darker to make the way to the solo. At 4:33, the music carries more classical style. From 5:10 till the end of the track, the music of the track shifts more towards Death Metal with its harshness and speed, and it carries a mixture of harsh clean vocals and growling.

Actually, Divine improves their musical style to have another musical dimension as Progressive and Death Metal with the presence of Adham Kafafy. The band did a great job and had a strong comeback.

Divine’s New Single “Defeating The Undefeated”



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