BLACK METAL is not the most popular sub-genre, nor is it easy. And the Black Metal Scene in Lebanon is a shy one. But with Deathlam‘s talent, we see a really bright future and a rise for the genre in the Middle East. DEATHLAM releases Music Video for Let Kill Let Die.

DEATHLAM is a 3-piece Armenian Black Metal band from Lebanon, with Sam Kasparian taking charge of the vocals and bass duties, Yeghig Aroyan on guitars, and Sako Kasparian on drums. The band usually targets religions and certain philosophical, sociological, and political ideologies.

Without prior promotion and with the band being inactive for almost 5 months, Deathlam released a music video for their original single “Let Kill Let Die”. The song was previously released on May 16, 2016 on Yeghig Aroyan’s personal YouTube channel in audio format.

Let Kill Let Die is part of the recently released EP “Demonicorpus” that includes 4 tracks in total:

  1. Demonicorpus
  2. Let Kill Let Die
  3. Burn The Ottoman Empire
  4. Reign Of Terror

► We have previously listed Burn The Ottoman Empire as one of the 8 Rock & Metal Songs about the Armenian Genocide you need to know!

DEATHLAM recently performed in Armenia and in Georgia where Hrant Kasparian covered the Bass due to Sam’s injury where he lost a finger, but now Sam is back on the Bass playing with 3 fingers as you can notice in the video below.

Let Kill Let Die is a song with a political, humanitarian angry statement. The darkness of the song was described by the Blackness of the music video. It is usually not easy to pull out a good music video with a low budget, but DEATHLAM smartly did it. Let Kill Let Die is a very good Black Metal song filled with smart and fast riffs and great drumming. A very well done song.

DEATHLAM Releases Music Video Let kill Let Die

Let Kill Let Die Lyrics

War engulfs this region
Militias slaughter their kind
Their numbers have grown
Past tolerance
Let them drive themselves
To extinction
Parasites of humanity
Let kill let die
Let kill let die
Their offspring like insects
Upon this world
No mercy for their worthless lives
Pandemonium in the name of their god
Curing the earth from this plague
Let kill let die ….

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