Alain Ibrahim Releases First Song From His Solo Album

Only one month after we interviewed him about his new album (here), Alain Ibrahim releases the first song from his solo album!Uprising guitarist and more precisely multi-instrumentalist Alain Ibrahim released the title track of his first solo album, “Visions Off A Dream”. The two-part song talks about Alain’s personal experience with depression. With a long statement on his personal Facebook account (read below), Mr. Ibrahim expressed the whole concept and inspiration about the song.

In its first part, “Visions Off A Dream” starts with a nightmarish keyboard sound followed by electric guitar melodies. And to our surprise, Alain started singing accompanied by an acoustic guitar. Is there anything Alain can’t do? We think not. The song truly progresses along the way, from an ambient song to a classical chord-based acoustic soft rock song.

The second part though is more versatile and changes in styles and the song pattern is pretty clear. At the beginning of part 2, the violin by Yamane El-Hage was introduced and the flute by Bachar Sawaya follows. The song pattern then escalates to a faster pace, with Sebastien Melki on the backing vocals and heavier riffs just enough to calm again.

Let me note one important thing; the ending of this track is epic, the high point of the song with great orchestration and an incredible keyboard solo by Turbulence‘s Mood Yassin.

If you haven’t heard the song yet, it is embedded in this article below. Watch and SHARE and support our local talents.

“I know that a lot of people are going through depression lately, it is spreading like a virus. Different reasons and triggers but same ugly effect. Mine accompanied an identity crisis so severe that I became suicidal. I had led a life of isolation and dedication towards the only thing that really spoke to me; music, and I reached a point where I kept asking myself how can the only friend I’ve ever had for as long as I can remember, turn against me so aggressively? How can something so beautiful look down at me with such condescending eyes and humiliate me in front of my own soul? I could continue with words and maybe nobody would come close to understanding what I’m talking about…so here’s a song. This song is how I dealt with everything, and I hope it can remind those who are suffering that they are not alone and that things can get better if you power through, so share if you can relate. I’m happy I get to share this with you and the world after all this time, so here’s “Visions off a Dream”, a two-part single off the album, that I couldn’t have done without the support of some super talented musicians who happen to be wonderful people as well” – Alain Ibrahim

Members on Visions Off A Dream Pt 1 & 2:
Alain Ibrahim: Vocals | Acoustic, Electric & Bass Guitars | Piano, Keyboards & Effects.
Sebastien Melki: Vocals.
Mood Yassin: Keyboards.
Bachar Sawaya: Flute.
Yamane El Hage: Violin.
Jimmy Keegan: Drums.

Words & Music by Alain Ibrahim
Produced by Alain Ibrahim
Mixed & Mastered by Bassem Daouk
Artwork & Video by Charbel Hajj

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  1. Anonymous

    Bravo Alain… U deserve much more than just a studio project…

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