Young Tripolitan multi-instrumentalist Adnan Jabbado has been involved in the Rock and Metal scene for many years now, starting to showcase his guitar skills at the young age of 12, and releasing a couple of guitar covers for known songs and 4 original compositions, one of which Jabbado classified as a soundtrack. Now, Adnan Jabbado’s I Come Back will be on the loose soon.

Recently, Adnan has been teasing the release of yet another single entitled “I Come Back” which will be marked as his 5th single release to date. But Adnan insisted that this will also be a solo single and will not be included in any album.

‘I come Back’ is Adnan’s latest work. The track contains elements of heavy rhythms, speed metal parts, and even his own vocals. It’s definitely a new sound, and has a more well-rounded feel. It just makes you feel happy, which is really nice. The lyrics are beautiful too. They’re just accentuated by the singer’s raw and powerful voice. The way the instruments support his voice really pulls the song together and makes it interesting to listen to. It’s a huge step up and is the best song that Adnan has ever released.

Adnan Jabbado I Come Back

Metal Bell Magazine spoke to Adnan Jabbado about his upcoming single and the album he is working on to be released in a later stage. Check out below what Adnan told us about his upcoming projects and “I Come Back”:

“I will talk about the album I’m currently working on, and about the single I’m releasing, called ‘I Come Back’.

“I Come Back” will be released on March 3rd, it is a Heavy Metal song with some Metalcore elements. It is not related to nor part of the album, which is Progressive/Symphonic Metal and is called “The Emigrant”, a double disc Rock Opera featuring 4 vocalists (other than myself), a happy number of musicians, and a choir.

All the songs on the album are written, scoring is in progress of both the metal and orchestral versions for the musicians to play. Recording the album is expected to start later this year.

“I Come Back” is the result of the hard time I was going through lately. I decided to release it before the album to let it pave the way. It was recorded at my home studio and is the first Metal song to feature my own vocals. I recorded the guitars on the track in Baritone tuning, which is new for me but I am not afraid to try new things. Bass guitar was performed by Ali Jabakhanji, a brilliant musician. Mixing/Mastering/Recording were also mine to take care of, with some help from Amadeus Awad.

I am hoping the song will be received well.

I would like to thank everyone at Metal Bell Magazine, and Maurice Semaan for his awesome assistance with covering this news.

Thank you.”

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