Interview With Manuel Bagneux  from Zeal & Ardor – Episode 3 – Metal Bell Podcast!

Welcome back to our Podcast. In this third installment of Metal Bell podcast, we are joined by Manuel Bagneux the creator of Zeal & Ardor the newest sensation in metal combining black spiritual music and black metal. Firstly, In the interview you’ll hear about how this project came to be and how did internet trolls helped to create the band. Moreover, you’ll get to know the original influences of Manuel. On top of that, keep on listening to know what is it about branding fans with hot iron and how he gets scared before every show. Finally, hear Manuel apologizing to the Arab audience !

Music credits:
  • Intro
  • Don’t you Dare
  • Servants
  • Devil is Fine
  • Row Row
  • Stranger Fruit
(All music by Zeal & Ardor)  
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Podcast hosted by Maher AJAMANE


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