Interview With Monzer Darwish – Episode 2 – Metal Bell Podcast!

In this second episode of the Metal Bell Podcast, we sat down with Monzer Darwish, an extremely talented film maker who just released a documentary called Syrian Metal is War.

In this documentary, we go on a journey with Monzer where he takes us deep into the Syrian metal scene and how metal heads and musicians are coping with the atrocities of War.

In this episode, you’ll discover how Darwish had the idea to make this film. Also, you’ll find out about the difficulties in making this film (much footage went missing) and what was the positive part about making this documentary. You can also hear about the fans and critics’ reaction to the film, and finally Monzer gives us his insight about the future of the Syrian Metal Scene.

Check Out Our Report about Syrian Metal Is War >here<

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  • First Snow – Eulen – Mother Tree (2012)
  • Alone Again – The Hourglass – Resurrection of the Horrid Dream (2007)

Podcast hosted by Maher AJAMANE


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