Back in 2012, Lebanese Heavy Metal band ZiX released their debut EP, “The Warwhore“, with the band consisting only of three members: Ziad Bardawil (Bass guitars), Juan Carrizo (Guitars), and Maya Khairallah (Vocals). The Warwhore was completely composed, produced, and distributed by the trio, with the exception of a Feature for Maroun Srour, who wrote the lyrics for the title track of the debut EP. Ever since “The Warwhore” was released, the band kept on posting news about their debut album, “Tides Of The Final War”. (You can read more about it here, here, here & here). Finally, and after more than 4 years, ZiX‘s album release date, along with the track list, was revealed. 

ZIX’S “Tides Of The Final War” Will Finally Be OUT!

ZIX‘s album release date for “Tides Of The Final War“ on CD is October 28th, 2016. The album will be released worldwide through Pure Steel Records. The label describes ZiX as “one of the best Heavy Metal bands from Lebanon”.

“Tides Of The Final War” consists of 10 pure Heavy Metal Tracks, including the all-star song “Metal Strike” that features many of our Heavy Metal heroes (check out full details about Metal Strike here & below). Zix released their first single, “Crucible“, on April 14th. “Crucible” is a track about the persecution of witches, inspired by Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible” (listen to the streaming via the widget below).

The debut album was recorded at the Vegas View studios, Nevada, by Steve Thompson (METALLICA, ANTHRAX, GUNS N’ ROSES, etc.), and remixed and remastered at QuSoundStudio in Germany by Michael Kusch.

To support this, there are guest musicians like Tony Martin (Black Sabbath), Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden), Paul Di’Anno (Iron Maiden), Ross The Boss (ex-Manowar, Death Dealer), and many many more. I won’t count them all here. Explore the album, you won’t be disappointed!

Zix Album Release Date

Besides the album news, ZiX have performed on the main stage of MetalDays this year, but unfortunately, lead singer Maya couldn’t make it, so Jelena Dobric from the band Persona covered for her during the show. ZiX‘s performance at MetalDays is yet another milestone for a Lebanese Band performing on the world’s biggest stages, following in the footsteps of KIMAERA and BLAAKYUM.


Track Listing

1. Buyer Of Souls
2. Metal Strike
3. Tides Of The Final War
4. Shadow Of A Dying Sun
5. Crucible
6. Dark Days Of Babylon
7. Heaven’s Eyes
8. Thousand Wars At Sea
9. Night Of Evil
10. The Warwhore

Total Playing Time: 42:44 min

Album Line-Up

Ziad Bardawil – bass
Maya Khairallah – vocals
Juan Carrizo – guitars

Kenny Earl Rhino – drums complete debut album

Special Guests On Metal Strike:

Tony Martin, Blaze Bayley, Paul Di’Anno, Ronny Munroe, Dany Deaibess, Ross The Boss, David Shankle, Jack Starr, Kenny Earl Rhino, Giles Lavery, David Marcelis, Frederic Bartolomucci, Stu Hammer Marshall, Vík Bajac, Tony Ghanem, Walid WolfLust, Nathalie Jeha.

The pre-order of “Tides Of The Final War” will start on October 14th, 2016 on Pure Steel Records’ SHOP.


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