OSTURA Major signing deal with leading worldwide music label, Universal Music (MENA), album art and tracklist revealed and more! (announcement video below).

Taking it to the NEXT LEVEL, Lebanese Progressive band OSTURA surprised everyone with a major signing deal with one of the biggest labels in the world, an unprecedented move in the Lebanese Metal scene, making them the first Lebanese band to ever sign with Universal Music, or any major music label.

It’s been years since we have heard from Ostura. The band was formed in 2009, and they released their debut album “Ashes of the Reborn” in 2012. The debut album got great acceptance in the local scene and a lot of echos on the outside. More than a year later, Ostura did their first and last appearance to date in an event at Metro Al Madina – Hamra, Beirut under the name of “Ostura .. The Live Opera“. Even though the event was a success (Read our review >here<), and we hope to see more of such performances, Ostura haven’t performed again and dived into working on their sophomore album.

OSTURA Major Signing Deal

Back in 2015, Ostura announced some news about their next album in a few posts, some of which were deleted later.

You can check out our report >here<. The only piece of information we knew back then was that Prague Philharmonic Orchestra recorded on the album.

Throughout 2017, the band kept posting teaser after another about the album, but no news about the release date. (Check out videos below).

During the Christmas holidays, OSTURA announced some huge news, and the news was immense! OSTURA signs with one of the biggest record labels in the world, UNIVERSAL MUSIC, particularly their Middle East & North Africa (MENA) division.

With an incredibly prepared announcement, Ostura announced their signing deal with the music giants. By a simple browsing into Universal Music MENA page, you’d notice that each artist did his own announcement video. And this just gives you an idea about OSTURA’s professionalism and high standards, when you see the well-prepared and smart and attractive vlog that they had done.


Album Art:

Artwork by: Charles Assaf – Photographer, Digital Artist


  1. The Room
  2. Escape
  3. Beyond (The New World)
  4. Let There Be
  5. Erosion
  6. Only One
  7. Morning Light
  8. Deathless
  9. Darker Shade Of Black
  10. The Surge
  11. Quality
  12. Exit The Room?


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