New Papa Emeritus Kicked Out Papa Emeritus III!

With every album, Ghost got us used to the idea of New Papa Emeritus to get into the Papal role. It appears that a new era has begun in the band Ghost. We should have excepted this, since the new album is almost ready. Papa Emeritus III found himself being kicked off the stage during the band’s performance yesterday night in Sweden.

“We’ve been in the studio for about a month now. And by the end of the year, if everything goes according to plan — knock, knock — we’re gonna have a new album, not out, but we’re gonna have a new [album] recorded and mixed and delivered,” – Loudwire

While the band was performing in Gothenberg, Sweden and closing out their set with “Monstrance Clock”, two unknown men, that looked like bouncers or security guards, came up behind Papa III and forcibly removed him from the stage. Meanwhile, the fellow Nameless Ghouls all immediately exited the stage as well.

As you can see in the video below, a very elderly man wearing signature Papa attire took the stage and addressed the crowd: “I am Papa Emeritus Zero. The party is over and now a new era begins. The Middle Ages begin now”. The crowd expressed loud cheering as the moment unfolded before them.

For now, the band has yet to comment on the change beyond uploading videos of the incident to their official Instagram and Facebook accounts. We’ll have to wait to hear more from the band though it does appear that this is the end of the road for Papa Emeritus III.

Papa III was much more of a modern contemporary leader as Papa 0 appears to be the oldest front-man of the band that we have seen so far.


Revealing New Papa Emeritus after Kicking out Papa Emeritus III