W:O:A Metal Battle – LEBANON BATTLE: First Step In RISING WITH THE SCENE \\m//

The Scene has been somehow on hiatus for a while. The Last Local Metal Event to create hype was back in 2009. And after Hail Concert in Lebanon in 2012 (organized by RockRing), we haven’t seen any serious action until NightWish came in 2013 and then Epica in 2014. But this year is the Year Of Metal, and we hope for a brighter and bigger scene in the coming years. We have written in our very first issue (Issue 0) about “The Uprising Of Rock In Lebanon” >here<, but the True Revolution of Metal started with Massacore in 2012. You can read about it >here<. It took the scene a bit till it really woke up, and now we are at it \m//


What made this event very special and one of the biggest LOCAL METAL events in years:

1- Not just the attendance and the fact that Quadrangle was packed with your Metal Horns, but the greatness of you guys. You made our night unforgettable. I really would like to thank you, every one of you, for giving us a GREAT SHOW. Yes you, the crowd, because if it weren’t for such an amazing crowd, we wouldn’t have had an amazing show. THANK YOU FOR MAKING OUR EVENT THE BIGGEST SINCE 2011.

2- The 3 awesome bands that were part of one of the most friendly competitions I have ever witnessed. The level of professionalism that all bands showed in supporting each other was incredible, that’s apart from the great show they all delivered. And I do believe that all three bands have performed one of their best shows ever during the Battle. Three of the best bands in town: APRIL, BLAAKYUM & TURBULENCE.

3- The fact that this event was Wacken Open Air-related, something the Lebanese Metal Scene never witnessed, was great (we would like to give credit here to the pioneers RockRing that gave the metal scene the opportunity to get international attention through GBOB back in 2007 & 2011). But what was greater and honoring was that the FOUNDER & GENERAL MANAGER of  Wacken Open Air shared our posts and even posted on our wall to congratulate us for the “great job” we did. That was beyond any of our expectations.

Screenshot 2015-04-07 18.34.59

Thomas Jensen – W:O:A Co-founder & General Manager

4- Introducing a great new band to the scene, QANTARA, that were able, from their very first show, to steal the hearts of the attenders and to quickly gain reputation for the great show they did. (More about Qantara is to follow, stay tuned).

5- And definitely the list of “First Times” that this event had:
– The First Time ever a “Wacken Open Air” Related event takes place in Lebanon (and the chance to get a Lebanese Band to perform on the Headbanger’s Stage in the festival) \m//
– The First Time ever QANTARA performs live (and an unprecedented move: successfully introducing an unknown band to the scene).
– The First Time ever TURBULENCE perform their original songs (You can have updates about the album here).
– The First Time Alex hosts an event.
– The First Time Metal Magazine organizes an event.
– The First Time Hussein Shehady, Metal Bell Executive, co-organizes an event.

“Akh I’m ecstatic, Saturday was just perfect. 3njad it’s enough to renew one’s faith in the scene” C.K.

Since the Birth of Metal Bell, our slogan was “LET’S RISE WITH THE SCENE”, and with your awesomeness, we will.

Photos Taken by Nancy Jdid & Petro Chidiac:

A full Photo Gallery will be posted in a few days and some videos too.. Stay tuned.

We want to thank all our brothers who helped us in this event:

PHENOMY: Loic El Haddad, Rudy Bejjani, Adel Hassan, Raymond Ghorayeb, Dany Arfan. Thank you brothers for the support from minute one, you are pure awesomeness.

All the Team: Hussein Shehady you were superman ;), Nathalie Jeha, Roland Azar, Nancy Jdid, Petro Chidiac, Majd Ibrahim, Bashar Hassanieh, Ahmad El Hajj & Alex. Not to forget the people who helped behind the scenes \m//

A special thank you also goes to Karim A Samad, owner of KAZ Presents, for hooking us up with the security guys, whom I also want to thank because they were smooth to work with.  Check out KAZ’s next event details >here<

Jorzine: Event Review
LebMetal: Review Of The Battling bands

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  1. Nancy

    an unforgettable night it was indeed! \m/

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