Progressive metal band Turbulence are covering yet another Dream Theater track, from Dream Theater’s 2003 release, “Train of Thought”. Previously the band posted a cover for Moment of Betrayal only two weeks after Dream Theater released the single from their latest album The Astonishing.

Turbulence take us on a 15-minute journey as they cover Dream Theater’s “In The Name of God”. The band goes into every corner of the track and rips through the solos apart, adding its own touch into it. This touch can be mostly heard in the outro of the track as Alain plays an acoustic guitar while Omar sings the final verse to the track.

Check out the split screen cover below and let us know what you think of this cover.

Performed by:

  • Omar El Hage (Lebanon) – Vocals
  • Alain Ibrahim (Lebanon) – Guitars & Backing Vocals
  • Mood Yassin (Lebanon) – Keyboards
  • Sebastien Melki (Canada) – Bass
  • Sayed Gereige (France) – Drums and Percussion
  • Produced by Alain Ibrahim
  • Mixed & Mastered by Bassem Daouk
  • Video editing by Mood Yassin & Alain Ibrahim

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