Voice of the Soul’s debut album, “Catacombs”, was a masterpiece. The album was released digitally on 28 September 2014, and will be officially released in Europe via Hell’s Hammer and in India via Transcending Obscurity on 27 March 2015.

But one track on the album, Pendulum, is an ear catcher. The band describes the song as such:      

This song is inspired by the mass suicide of Jonestown that took place in 1978, but the lyrical content applies to many political groups and cults whose leaders exploit the poor and disenfranchised their own gain.

The song is a 3:36 track of restless violent brutal head banging, no rests, and no boring repetitive lame parts. And to remind us how awesome the track is, the band released a play-through video showing the guitar and drum work (WHERE’S THE BASS?).