Boy, this was unexpected. Violent Peace have just released their single today, in conjunction with the release of their debut EP which is due later this afternoon, at 4pm on Monot street.

The story behind this EP is an interesting one, and more on that later. The EP will be released today at a gig in Monot Ashrafieh, Car Free Day 2020.

Band Members:Violent Peace Band Members ep

  • Joey Semaan – Vocals & Guitar
  • Roy Andraos – Guitar
  • Joe Chamata – Drums
  • Kevin Semaan – Bass, Keys, & Backing Vocals
Violent Peace EP cover art

Cover Art

The band recorded the EP last summer at PLUR , and the mixing and mastering took place at Roy Naufal’s studio, where the vocals were adjusted and re-recorded.


    1. Blackhole (Year written: 2015)
    2. Wait for Tomorrow (2013)
    3. I’m High (2015)
    4. New Life (2011)
    5. Hard But True (2014)
    6. Run in Underwear (2015)

Join Violent Peace today at 4pm at Monot Street as they release their new EP!

Good luck!

– Antoine Kanaan.

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