Unraveling Lebanon’s New Beginnings.
Lebanese Alternative Rockers ROSWELL have joined the ranks of Roterfeld, and Chained Reaction by releasing a music video to deal with the current garbage crisis… but Roswell have taken it a step further.

The first half of the 4-minute music video uses footage from a well-known, bloody period of Lebanese history. We are talking about the 15-year civil war here, of course. I don’t think that era needs much introduction, but let’s just say that it developed to become a regional conflict where big players in Midde-Eastern politics (mainly, Syria, the PLO, and Israel) would project their influence, through both political and military means. Indeed, Israeli occupation of the South ended in the year 2000, nearly 10 years after the end of the war; and it took another 5 years, the assassination of the Prime Minister, and the Cedar Revolution to end the Syrian “occupation”.

What a small country, what a bloody century.

It is good to keep this in mind when you see soldiers amidst ruined buildings in the video, as this was during the bloody civil war era.

That said, I love the video to bits. I’m not a huge fan of politics whatsoever (I’m completely apolitical) but you can’t help but wonder at the horrors Lebanon has been through. The montage (a really cool moment is when there’s a drumroll as a soldier shoots) is great, the footage they used was impeccable, and most importantly, they displayed the current #YouStink protests in the video’s second half.  Makes you reflect on our current situation, and draw parallels with previous moments in our history when things were tense. The video was directed by George Roukoz.

The music which gives the video life is a Roswell song called Unraveling New Beginnings (from the album of the same name). You can read the lyrics below:

It is all that you have done
That defines who you are
What a father passes to son
It takes us way too far
It is us that we shall tell
How the story will end
We will make our lives worth till the end
Will we stand or will we bend
Care is all we need to survive
Don’t let the hate and greed destroy our lives
Together we shall be, or together we shall fall
What a great thing that we have
When we all act as one
My brother be sure that I
Will be there to catch you
When you fall.

خايف تخلص الدني ونحنا بعدنا نايمين عتخت الطائفية ومنتغطى بالدين
خايف تخلص الدني غرقانين ببحر الكذب نعلن ولاء الوطن ونحنا ولائنا للحزب
خايف تخلص الدني ونحنا بالاسم احرار عم ننقسم لكتائب وعم ننجرف بالتيار
حب الوطن ما اكتمل والعمال بلا عمل والكتلة الوحدة كتل وعم نفتش عأمل
والتوحيد صفا وحدات والآخر ما منتقبل والقوة صفت قوات وعم بيضيع المستقبل
خايف تخلص والظلم اخد حقوقنا وماردّا والناس الحد الزعيم ما تلاقي حدا حدّا
يا شعوب النوم اشتراكي طولتي كتير النومة يلا قومي كفاكي صارت بتحرز القومي
خايف تخلص الدني ما اعرف ليلي من نهاري لا عدوي من جاري ولا يميني ويساري
خايف تخلص الدني ويا وطني منستحي فيك ان سألوني انت مين بقلن شيعي او كاتوليك
سني درزي ماروني ارمني او سرياني اوتوذوكسي بروتستانت علوي او علماني
بعرّف عن حالي بطايفة وبنسى قلن لبناني
خايف تخلص الدني ونحنا بعد مش فاهمين انو الانسان انسان بغض النظر هوي مين
ما حدا نقا شكلو ولا حدا نقّا مينو ولا حدا نقا لونو ولا طايفتو ولا دينو
عشو بعدنا مختلفين مقسمين مشرذمين وتحت عيون الشمتانين منتدبح بإسم الدين
خايف تخلص الدني ووطني زغير تعبان من ولادو المقسومين مع فلان وفليتان
وبسمع صوتك يا جدي عم بيوشوشني بحنان يمكن تخلص الدني وما بتخلص قصة لبنان
ومتل ما قلي جدي بهاك القصة من زمان يمكن تخلص الدني لكن ما بيخلص لبنان

Great work from Roswell, and let’s hope that someday we will unravel our country’s new beginnings together.

– Antoine Kanaan.

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Unraveling Lebanon’s New Beginnings.