Progressive Metallers Turbulence recently uncovered a massive foreign and local collaboration with various artists for their upcoming debut album titled “Disequilibrium”.

The album will feature two guest vocalists from Lebanon, the soprano Rita Hokayem, and Elia Monsef from the progressive symphonic metal band Ostura, and recently featured on Amadeus Awad’s Eon “The Book of Gates”. Epic vocalists so far on one album, no?

Well, the band reveals another guest vocalist will be hitting some high notes, from the USA; that person is Will Shaw. 

LOGOMoreover, the album will feature guest drummers from Italy who will be banging and rattling: Luca Ciccotti and Simon Ciccotti. Also from Italy, Emanuel Ciancia will be guest appearing playing the saxophone.

This seems to be a good brew for a superb album, which so far, only one single has been released by the band titled Richardson’s Nightmare. And in a little side chat with vocalist Owmar, he told us that a single is to be released shortly before the album release date.

In case your are not familiar that much with Turbulence, check them out (Video below), and make sure not to miss their upcoming Dream Theater Night | The Third Arrives on the 7th of February 2015.