The FreeRolls have finally released the music video for their song ‘Act Like Night’

The overall sound of the song is catchy, memorable, and measures up quite well when compared with their other songs  like Wear Something Nice, which has the similar southern rock music that dominates Act Like Night.

The lyrics are very thoughtful and manage to speak about hypocrites in our society, something which we are all affected by, one way or another. The vocals just blend into the melody, and the smooth bass line sinks into you while the guitar riffs away, amazingly I might say. The song has been correctly constructed with a consistent beat, maintaining the tempo throughout the track, which just makes sure that the track will sink in.

In terms of originality, the song fits into a known structure of southern rock, they haven’t developed something awfully unique. However, they created that rhythmic flavor, that beat, that melody, the one we all love and can’t help but clap our hands to.  They hit all the right keys and keep the listeners enjoying the tune while daydreaming about their own ideal world.

The video was simple, complements the song, and most importantly, very enjoyable to watch.

Overall, it’s a very well executed song, and now with a music video to complete it. All the members of The FreeRolls have collaborated excellently to present a track that’s worth being proud of. If they keep their music up to these standards, their way to mainstream success might just be cleared.

-Jad Baghdadi

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