Lebanese psychedelic rock/post punk band Sun and Moth released their first single, Frequent Flyer.

Sun and Moth is a relatively new band formed in 2015. Since its formation, the band has played a number of events, such as Fete De La Musique 2015 and others.

Recorded at TuneFork Recording Studios and first debuted at Radio Beirut’s open jam night, Frequent Flyer is available for online streaming via Soundcloud.

In case you liked what you just heard as much as I did, make sure not to miss Sun and Moth’s upcoming concert along with psychedelic and post rock bands Lambajain and Kinematic.

In a little chat with Sun and Moth, the band said that they have an all original set list that they will be playing in the upcoming concert. We also knew that the band is planning to start recording their first EP sometime around summer.

Let us know what you thought of the track in the comments section below.

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